Dragonfly Foundation Announces Dragonfly Dash Set for October 8th







Day-long Liberty Center Fundraiser with Dash Benefits The Dragonfly Foundation


July 20, 2016, Cincinnati, OH, The Dragonfly Foundation and Liberty Center will host a “Dragonfly Dash” event on October 8, 2016. The main feature of the event is the “Dash” where participants will walk, skip, roll, hop one half-block (333 feet) around the Liberty Center’s green-space adjacent to the Foundry building. The event will take place on October 8, 2016 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Liberty Center Shopping Center, with the Dash running in 10-minute groups starting at 10:30 AM. The event will include entertainment provided by Cincinnati Circus on the lawn of Liberty Center, music, snacks and drinks, an auction/raffle, an after party, and awards ceremony on the rooftop deck. Jennifer Fritsch from Q102 will be the event emcee!


Admission to the event is $10 per adult, $5 per child (4-18), and free for anyone under the age of 3. A $5 Military Discount will be available to those with a current military ID. Further registration information can be accessed at Dragonfly.org/Dash. Online registration ends September 8th. All proceeds will help Dragonfly meet the needs of young cancer patients and their families.


The Dragonfly Foundation believes that the Dash is not about how long the run is, or about what you do while you are doing it, it’s about how much you enJOY the moment. The Dash, like life, is short.


The length of the dash is 333 feet. The repetition of the the number three signifies “mind, body, and spirit,” and to be mindful of new opportunities that cross one’s path. As a foundation, Dragonfly’s goal is to provide emotional support for young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients and their families – which is what the choice to hold a 333 ft. long “dash” signifies. Prizes will NOT be awarded for the fastest or slowest, instead, prizes will be awarded (in both child and adult categories) for enthusiasm, participation, and JOY. A raffle prize will also be awarded among those who visit at least half of the participating Liberty Center stores/restaurants and get their “passports” (which will be provided) signed.


Liberty Shopping Center is located at 7100 Foundry Row Liberty Township, Ohio 45069. More information and tickets are available at Dragonfly.org. Sponsors include: Liberty Center Foundation, Cincinnati Circus, Hubbard Interactive, Platinum Marketing Group, and others. To become a sponsor or to donate a prize or raffle basket, please email Dash@Dragonfly.org.


The Dragonfly Foundation, which will be celebrating its 6th anniversary, has been recognized for helping to change the paradigm of patient care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Cancer & Blood Diseases Institute, and has also grown to serve Dayton Children’s Hospital and two hospitals in Chicago, IL.. We have built a community of support around our Dragonflies that gives them hope and minimizes their sense of isolation and despair.


To become a fundraiser for this event or to donate, please text TDFDash to 71777 or visit Dragonfly.org.


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Wilmington Savings Now Offering FHA & VA Loans

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Media Contact: Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency




Twitter @ EisenHotNews


Wilmington Savings Bank Now Offers FHA and VA Loans

Community Bank Adds Alternative Mortgages to Loan Offerings


Wilmington, OH – July 26, 2016 – In addition to more traditional home loans, hometown community bank Wilmington Savings Bank is also now offering FHA and VA loans. Bank president Tom Burns explained that the bank continues to find solutions that help hard working members of the community obtain home ownership.


“Owning a home is still the American dream,” Burns explained. “And it’s the cornerstone of a thriving community, so the ability to create more opportunities and provide options to more residents is not only good for our bank, it’s good for our community.”


An FHA home loan is a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is an alternative to a conventional mortgage, and are generally intended to help people with limited down payment funds or modest credit history.


A major difference between an FHA loan and a conventional mortgage is that FHA borrowers only have to put down 3.5 percent on the purchase. Closing costs may also be lower on FHA mortgages.


A Veterans Affair, or VA, loan entitlement is a basic entitlement of $36,000 that is available to eligible veterans seeking a VA home loan. Most lenders will loan up to four times the veteran’s entitlement on a home without requiring the veteran to make a down payment. VA loans are subject to credit and income qualifications and the property being purchased must appraise for the price being asked for it.


The VA does not set a limit on how much a qualifying veteran can borrow when looking to finance a home, and most VA homes are purchased with no money down.


Burns says that anyone interested in learning more about the FHA/VA loan options offered by Wilmington Savings Bank may stop in the local office and discuss with a loan officer.


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Eisen Seeks Fall Interns for Cleveland, Cincinnati Offices

One of Ohio’s most award winning national marketing and public relations firms, The Eisen Agency, is seeking to add to its amazing roster of talent and is offering two paid 2016 Fall Internships with the agency – one in Greater Cleveland, one if Greater Cincinnati. Successful applicants need to submit their information — a resume, a cover letter as to why you are the successful candidate, and a link to portfolio work — for consideration now through August 10th to Info@TheEisenAgency.com with Fall Intern in the subject line.

The internship will run Sep 1 through Dec 31, 2016 with an opportunity to earn a full time, salaried position at the culmination of the successful internship. The successful applicant has demonstrated leadership ability at the collegiate level and is involved in such things as PRSSA, school paper/magazine/tv/radio, and/or other activities. Candidates must possess excellent writing ability including long form articles, press announcements, case studies and others; the ability to work with local and national media to coordinate interviews and article placement; a desire to network throughout the business community; and a drive to be successful in the PR and marketing industry.

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Heimlich Heroes™ hits 500 life-saving trainings

Cincinnati, OH-July 12, 2016- Heimlich Heroes™, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit, teaches young people how to recognize, respond to, and prevent a choking emergency. Since the organizations start in 2013, they have held 500 Heimlich Maneuver® training events.

“This is a wonderful accomplishment for our program,” said program manager Terri Huntington. “With each training event more kids are learning how to save a life, and now we look forward to the next 500 training events!”

The program was created to adapt to different environments. Schools, clubs, groups or any youth organization can use the training. The organization has had adult special needs programs, and community outreach events utilize their curriculum.

“Although our program is designed for ages 7-14, anyone can use it to learn the Heimlich Maneuver,” said Huntington. “We don’t want to turn anyone away from learning this life-saving skill so we work hard to make accommodations.”

Heimlich Heroes has trained more than 34,500 kids in 45 states and one international training over the past three years. The program has little to no cost and is accessible to anyone in the world through the training-in-a-box.

“The main reason we designed a boxed training is to reach as many young people as we possibly could,” said Huntington. “It’s rewarding for our organization to know our mission is being fulfilled and lives are being saved.”


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Eisen to Serve as Social Media Ambassador for Cleveland’s RNC


For Release


The Eisen Agency Volunteers at the Social Media Command Center for the RNC

Greater Cleveland Based PR Team to Share All Things Cleveland with RNC Visitors


Cleveland, OH – July 12, 2016 – With the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland at the Quicken Loans Arena from July 18-21, more than 1,000 Greater Cleveland small businesses are doing their part to make the experience easy and positively unforgettable for convention goers. The Cleveland 2016 Host Committee is preparing Cleveland for the upcoming transition from “hidden gem” to full on “debutante” with the elaborate coming out party that is the 2016 RNC, and The Eisen Agency brand ambassador Margaret Reiser will be in the thick of it. She will serve on the Social Media Command Center where she will monitor online visitor-related conversations to help answer questions and solve potential challenges.


The Eisen Agency is one of many Cleveland first businesses volunteering staff and services for the upcoming event.  Eisen CEO and owner Rodger Roeser said, “We felt that as members of the community, it was our privilege to share in this event and help display Cleveland in the best of light on a very large national stage.”


“This is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help out at a the Republican National Convention and to share how amazing our city and our people are,” Reiser says. “It is great exposure for Cleveland, great exposure for our company, and an all-around fulfilling experience. It is one of those moments you would regret letting it pass by, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”


Reiser will be live tweeting her experiences during the event, and folks can follow along on Twitter @EisenHotNews.


About The Eisen Agency


The Eisen Agency is a nationally award winning public relations and marketing firm and serves clientele across the county from their offices in Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland. The agency offers executive level strategic marketing communications planning, strategy and execution for professional services, franchise, and manufacturing clients. More information can be accessed at www.TheEisenAgency.com.

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UFO Enthusiasts Set to Touch Down in Orlando

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UFO Enthusiasts Set to Make Contact in Orlando

47th Annual MUFON UFO Symposium Set for August 25 – 28


Orlando, FL – July 11, 2016 – The 47th Annual International MUFON UFO Symposium will be held in Orlando, FL at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista from August 25 – 28. Open to the public and with great tickets remaining, the annual symposium is a gathering of top minds and speakers in their respective fields presenting evidence and research concerning the history and ongoing investigations into the UFO phenomenon.


Tickets to the four day event can be purchased online at www.MUFONSymposium.com. Attendees can even register to become an official MUFON Field Investigator on Thursday August 25, and training will be offered to new registrants.


The theme of the 2016 symposium is “UFOs: From our Oceans to Outer Space.” Presentation topics will include discussions and insights into official government UFO organizations, Florida’s 1967 UFO flap, the scientific study of mysterious lights over Hessdalen Valley Norway, a nationwide UFO magnitude study, official documentation of continued private and government studies into the UFO phenomenon, and much more.


“If you’re a UFO enthusiast, a kid who loves science fiction or just anyone out there that is curious about what is going on, what we do and how they can get involved, this is the top event of the year,” MUFON president Jan Harzan said. “We’re so excited to come back to Orlando after 26 years, and this year’s event is filled with great programs, fun learning and curious people.”


The four day symposium features a dozen speakers including Kathleen Marden – UFOs: Fact Not Fiction; John Greenewald – UFOs and our Space Agencies; Robert Powell – MUFON’s Top 10 UFO Cases from 2015; Paola Harris – Astronaut Testimonies about Space Travel and Underwater Bases; Rich Hoffman — The 2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP Case Study involving the leaked Homeland Security video of a unknown areal object; and Bill Schroeder — UFOs Over Florida, The 1967 Flap and many more.




Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, MUFON is the leading worldwide investigator of UFO sightings and collects the data in the MUFON database for use by researchers worldwide. The non profit group promotes research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs while educating the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society. More information, including membership and research donations, can be accessed at www.MUFON.com.


Media Contact for Interviews


Rodger Roeser

The Eisen Agency (MUFON PR FIRM)






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For Small Non-Profit, Agency Partner Helps Cast a Wider Net


An Eisen Case StudyHeimlich Heroes 072

Many small non-profits lack the internal resources needed to accomplish all of the organization’s PR and marketing goals. That was the case for Heimlich Heroes,™ an interactive, educational program, designed for kids ages seven and older. The program teaches students the signs of choking, ways to prevent or minimize the risk of choking, and how and when to respond with the Heimlich Maneuver.

“As a young, small non-profit, we did not have the internal resources needed to put out press releases or pitch articles and media interviews to our markets across the country,” said Terri Huntington, Heimlich Heroes Program Manager. “We were doing some initiatives locally, but needed help reaching the broader audience.”

Heimlich Heroes, a Deaconess initiative, partnered with The Eisen Agency to assist with strategic planning, national public relations efforts, proactive media outreach and content development.

As Heimlich Heroes experienced, one of the many benefits of partnering with an agency is that agencies generally have the tools, experience, expertise and people to meet the variety of needs presented by the client. This can be especially true of a non-profit organization that may not have the necessary internal staff or funds.

“Eisen’s expertise and resources focus on public relations, a very specialized marketing niche,” said Huntington. “With an agency on board, we get a broader creative perspective, and they think outside of our boxes. A team that communicates and works well together is always stronger than the individual.”

Heimlich Heroes has been working with The Eisen Agency for more than two years. With collaborative efforts, the expanded visibility has increased the demand for this unique training program by more than 2,000% in that time.

In addition, overall visibility for Heimlich Heroes has increased from two to 47 states.

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