See Your PR Agency as an Extension of Your In-House Team

An Eisen Case Study

Many companies are hesitant to hire an outside marketing/PR agency when they already have an in-house team. Some businesses see it as an added expense, and others as just another relationship to manage. However, partnering with an experienced agency can assist internal marketing teams by identifying opportunities, providing tactical support and helping to meet their marketing goals.

Take Roto-Rooter, for example. North America’s largest provider of plumbing repair services partners with multiple agencies in various disciplines to execute their many marketing initiatives. The Eisen Agency is one of Roto-Rooter’s marketing partners, providing ongoing public relations counsel, national media outreach and video production for the past seven years.

“We like having an agency to back us up,” stated Paul Abrams, PR Director at Roto-Rooter. “I am the only person in our marketing department who handles media relations. But I’m also responsible for lots of marketing duties. In a company our size, there just aren’t enough hours in the week for me to do everything.”

Eisen serves as an extension of Roto-Rooter’s marketing department, backing them up on anything that is needed – from proactive media relations and media coaching for employees, to video production and infographic research and development.

“When you’ve been with the same agency for many years, they understand your business very well,” added Abrams. “I don’t have to spend valuable time bringing them up to speed on the basics because they know our brand and our company structure almost as well as I do.”

An agency can be a valuable partner and critical part of an in-house team by thinking “big picture” and keeping the company on track with overall marketing goals. Agencies are also quite nimble and can be available to do whatever is needed with very little notice.

“When it comes to public relations, the agency is a sounding board that provides valuable and timely feedback for me. And if necessary, they can step in when circumstances prevent me from doing so. Additionally, the team is always looking out for opportunities that I would never have the time to find on my own.”

If you’d like to learn more about the value of partnering with an agency, contact us today. Or read more in our Agency Advantage Series.

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St. Augustine Health Ministries Taps Ohio PR Firm for Media Relations Support

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St. Augustine Health Ministries Taps Ohio PR Firm for Media Relations Support

The Eisen Agency Tasked With Raising Profile of Hospice, Long Term Care Operation


Cleveland, OH – May 18, 2016 – St. Augustine Health Ministries, which provides skilled nursing, rehabilitation, hospice, assisted living and child enrichment programs throughout Greater Cleveland, has hired The Eisen Agency to direct a media relations campaign in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of their hospice services.


The agency will serve as the media liaison and will be sharing newsworthy events, programs and educational advice with area media in an effort to raise the profile of the group and its professionals. St. Augustine Health Ministries director of advancement Dana Carns explained that she needed a firm that not only had significant experience in the long term and senior care market, but also a well connected firm with the media that could help shape and share the stories.


“And The Eisen Agency was the clear choice. They are an amazing group of women and men dedicated to working with their clients and help share their story,” Carns said. “It’s very similar to the beliefs and ethics of our organization, and that passion and dedication really comes through. They work hard for us, and give us an expert amplification to our voice.”


The Eisen Agency president Rodger Roeser said the opportunity to work with St. Augustine Health Ministries is an opportunity to share powerful stories from a genuinely selfless and humble group of  professionals. “To be entrusted and tasked from this group is an honor for our organization,” Roeser shared. “This group does valuable and important work that we are proud to share.”


About St. Augustine Health Ministries


A service of the Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland, St. Augustine Health Ministries has three facilities in Greater Cleveland – St Augustine Health Campus, Holy Family Home Health Care & Hospice and Emerald Village Senior Living – and offers home health care services, early education & day care, skilled nursing & rehabilitation, independent and assisted living, hospice care and other specialized services. Our continuum of care celebrates and empowers each person to live a life of purpose, independence, and well-being. Skilled, compassionate services are provided regardless of race, creed, religion or finances. More information can be accessed at or by calling 216-634-7400.


About The Eisen Agency


Representing professional services business across the country from offices in Greater Cleveland and Greater Cincinnati, The Eisen Agency is one of Ohio’s largest and most award winning independent public relations and marketing firms. The firm provides expert media relations, social media, content development, crisis management and marketing communications services. More information can be accessed at



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Techsolve Engineer Recognized as a Manufacturing Visionary

Cincinnati, OH- May 17, 2016 – Dave Wickelhaus, senior machining systems engineer at Techsolve, was recognized as a manufacturing visionary in the May issue of Smart Manufacturing magazine. The magazine introduced 30 visionaries who are merging the cyber and physical worlds in manufacturing.

“The first issue of Smart Manufacturing is really a celebration of many of those in manufacturing who have had the foresight to develop and adopt cutting-edge digital technologies and drive manufacturing into a new era of competitiveness,” said Sarah A. Webster, editor in chief of Advanced Manufacturing Media. “These leaders are helping to make U.S. manufacturing more competitive every day.”

“I am honored to be recognized as a manufacturing visionary,” said Wickelhaus. “I have to say that while I was the one recognized, it was the result of the work by the VizProducts® team, along with the support of everyone at TechSolve to promote MTConnect® and monitor the machine shop floor that really deserves the credit.

Wickelhaus was the software developer behind MiniViz®. MiniViz® is one of Techsolve’s Windows-based desktop monitoring and data gathering solution specifically designed to meet the needs of small manufacturers who are just entering the world of remote equipment monitoring.  This solution allows small manufacturers to participate in smart manufacturing techniques as the real manufacturing world has begun converging with the digital manufacturing. MiniViz® leverages the MTConnect® standard’s ability to collect information from a machine tool independent of the make or model of the machine tool.  MiniViz® provides a simple Dashboard displaying the status and productivity of the machine as well as the ability for the manufacturer to download the data for additional analysis.  If you would like more information on MiniViz® please visit


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Girl Scout troops say Heimlich Heroes Program is Impactful

Cincinnati, OH- May 12, 2016- Heimlich Heroes has made a major impact to many Girl Scout troops across the nation. The program teaches children how to recognize, respond to, and prevent a choking emergency.

The organization’s training-in-a-box is easy to use and age appropriate with learning materials for different age groups.

“I absolutely loved the training experience,” said Girl Scout troop leader Maria Cabanit. “I loved that all the materials were sent right to me and everything was already set to go. I also loved how age appropriate it was. All my girls aren’t on the same reading level, so it was nice they could all follow along with the video.”

Heimlich Heroes goal is to empower kids and to reduce preventable choking deaths. The program is designed with a video lesson and hands-on experience through training dolls so that trainees will be ready in a real choking emergency.

“The girls felt empowered that although they were young, they had the knowledge and confidence to now save children and adults from choking,” said Brownie troop leader Meredith Turner.

Users find the program perfect for schools, clubs and groups because it is free of charge and educational for students.

“I am excited to tell people how wonderful the program is and how it can help children,” said Cabanit. “Thank you for such a wonderful program. I am so happy to have found Heimlich Heroes!”

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St. Augustine Health Ministries’ Holy Family Home Celebrates 60 Years of Service

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St. Augustine Health Ministries’ Holy Family Home Celebrates 60 Years of Service

Greater Cleveland Hospice and Home Care Sets Standard for Caring


Cleveland, OH – May 4, 2016 – Throughout the past 59 years, tens of thousands of Greater Clevelanders have relied upon the people and services of Holy Family Home. And today, St. Augustine Health Ministries’ Holy Family Hospice celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

Founded in 1956 by the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, New York, as one of seven homes throughout the nation, caring for individuals with incurable cancer, Holy Family was the prototype for hospice care in the Cleveland area before the word “hospice” was known. When the Dominican Sisters announced their retirement, they worked with the Diocese of Cleveland and Catholic Charities to turn over ownership of Holy Family to St. Augustine.

Holy Family provides home health care and residential and community-based end-of-life care for patients of all faiths and assists families in caring for a loved one with reverence and dignity at the most vulnerable time in life’s journey.  Holy Family became part of the St. Augustine Health Ministries in 2004 and expanded in 2006 to include community hospice for all individuals diagnosed with any life limiting illness.

As the trends began to change and people wanted to be cared for in their home, Holy Family Hospice began offering the choice of hospice services either at their in-patient facility, Holy Family Home, or wherever a person calls home – their homes, assisted living or skilled nursing facility, explained St. Augustine CEO Rick Meserini.

“Our core belief is that life is precious, and that each individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that the professional care we provide be defined by its compassion and attention to a higher purpose,” Meserini says. “Our continuum of care celebrates and empowers each person to live a life of purpose, independence, and well-being. Our patients, residents and all we serve are our first responsibility. We provide our services with love, skill, compassion and respect for all human dignity.”

About St. Augustine Health Ministries

A service of the Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland, St. Augustine Health Ministries has three facilities in Greater Cleveland – St Augustine Health Campus, Holy Family Home Health Care & Hospice and Emerald Village Senior Living – and offers home health care services, early education & day care, skilled nursing & rehabilitation, independent and assisted living, hospice care and other specialized services. Our continuum of care celebrates and empowers each person to live a life of purpose, independence, and well-being. Skilled, compassionate services are provided regardless of race, creed, religion or finances. More information can be accessed at or by calling 216-634-7400.

Media Contact:                 Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency      440-695-0817  Twitter @ EisenHotNews



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Agency Advantage Series #4: The Revolving Door

Agency Advantage Series

By Rodger Roeser


In our six part series that explains the many benefits of working with an agency rather than increasing overhead and staff in house to handle non-core, marketing related duties, we aim to educate businesses and brands, both large and small, as to the many advantages of having agency representation. Over the past decade, we have seen a fairly significant shift in businesses hiring more and more internal staff, verses outsourcing these tasks to an agency.

And, while we understand and appreciate why it may seem attractive to house all these folks internally, this series seeks to debunk a number of myths of internal placement, and give business owners and in house marketing executives a viable, and in our opinion better, alternative to additional internal hiring and the time and effort of that practice. The key to each of these is having a good, solid and trustworthy agency that fits and understands your business – not a vendor, but a trusted and valued partner in success.

  1. Revolving Door Syndrome

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If you do, in the upper right hand corner each day you have the opportunity to congratulate someone on their new job. Now, because I’m in the marketing industry, many of my LinkedIn connections are as well. And I do a LOT of congratulating. You know why? Because those marketing folks keep changing jobs.

They are laid off as soon as business is soft – as most bosses erroneously believe that marketing is an expense rather than an investment. What is rather common is that more internal marketing overhead appears to be required only to have much of that work dry up, so the new marketing person is now doing other tasks “as assigned,” which isn’t what they signed up for. Sadly, often times to folks hiring a marketing person understand very little about what skills are needed let alone what marketing activity is required so they bring someone in and almost immediately, they are languishing – unclear as to what to do, or not given any authorization to “do marketing” work. Simple tasks like crafting and distributing press announcements are brutally painful and inefficient, ads are not done, events don’t happen – because “the boss” thinks marketing is sales. Marketing people don’t want to be cold call salespeople or make power point presentations all day.

So, quite simply they move on to the next “gig,” as the average in house marketing professional will work at your business for a whole nine…

…months. Yep, that’s the industry average. So, that person that hounded you, penned follow up letters, had a great interview and promised to work hard and do great things. They’re going to leave you in nine months. And you get to do it again. This costs you money. This costs you time. Perhaps worst of all, it hurts your brand because it leads to inconsistency in how things are communicated both externally to potential and current clientele, and also internally to employees and stakeholders.

With an agency, when there isn’t a lot of marketing work that needs to be done, as is and should be normal as a natural ebb and flow, you can simply cut back. You can’t do that with a salaried employee as you feel the strain to “justify their salary.” With agency, you can do an entire marketing campaign, paid items and all, in many cases for less than the salary only of even entry level marketing folks.

I know of a specific instance where a marketing director was hired ($75K+) and the business asked them on their first day to redo their website. The marketing director said I’ll begin interviewing web development firms. Business said: “no, that’s what we hired you to do.” Marketing director said: “I’m not a web developer.” Business said: “that’s what we need, that’s what we hired you for.” Marketing director said: “I quit.” They were on the job for one day. And, if you’re the hiring person, and you need a website, why on earth would you hire someone at $75K for a website – that would be the most amazing website in the history of the Internet. A firm can offer you the exact expertise for what you need, be it strategy and planning, right down to tactical executions such as building a website (or making a fancy new business card).

With the right agency, you can create a consistency of message and brand, and actually create a legacy of high quality, professional work. You can create a true mutually beneficial business partnership over time – rather than an awkward “vendor” type relationship or employee relationship. You are a paycheck. An agency has a vested interest in your success and growth – it’s important to understand and know the difference.

So, the next time you see that marketing person on LinkedIn and you’re asked to congratulate them, think how long it was since you just did that for them and now that business is looking yet again. Oh, but this hire will be different….

…it won’t.

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Eisen Relaunch of Successful Podcast Series

For Release

Eisen Relaunches Successful Marketing Podcast Series

That Marketing Show 2.0 Begins Airing


Cleveland, OH – May 2, 2016 – Award winning radio news jockey turned PR and marketing expert Rodger Roeser has relaunched his successful online audio podcast “That Marketing Show.” Roeser, owner and founder of Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland based branded communications and marketing firm The Eisen Agency, decided to relaunch the show after constant requests from marketing pros for more content and information.

The show, which is broadcast via Spreaker at, will feature a national guest sharing  tips, ideas and best practices in the fields of branding, marketing, public relations, advertising, sales and social media. The show is always looking for interesting guests and topics to share with other marketing professionals across the county, Roeser said. The online podcast is produced by the Public Relations Agency Owners Association, a group of nearly 10,000 members nationwide.

“It was just time to relaunch an updated version of the show,” Roeser says. “I took a hiatus of about three years, but have finally had the time to invest in a show reboot and the energy of coordinating guests and recording the 15 minute show. It’s fun, but it’s also a lot of work – so with the opening of my agency’s new Cleveland office, the timing was right.”

Guests can pitch topics and interview subjects to Roeser at with Podcast Guest in the subject line.

About the Host

Roeser is the founder, owner and president of Greater Cleveland and Greater Cincinnati premier digital public relations and marketing communications agency, The Eisen Agency. Named Cincinnati PRSA Large Agency of the Year in 2013, his firm has twice been named a Cincinnati Business Courier Fast 55 (#3 in 2009, #9 in 2011) and twice named a Cincinnati Business Courier Best Places to Work. In 2010, his firm earned a TriState Success Award as one of Cincinnati’s 35 Most Successful Businesses.

His firm was twice named an Emerging 30 Business by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. In 2010, Roeser was named PR Professional of the Year by the Greater Cincinnati PRSA Chapter where he served as president in 2005. His firm earned Inc. 5000 honors in 2012 as one of the 5000 fastest growing small businesses in the US. Roeser was also awarded a prestigious C-Suite Award by Lead Magazine in 2014, and in 2013 was honored as a top social media expert by Cleveland’s SmartBusiness Magazine and their SoMe Impact Award and is currently a member of the Cleveland PRSA. He is the founder of the Public Relations Agency Owners Association.

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