Cincinnati Media and Marketing Firm Teams with Cincinnati PR Agency

CINCINNATI, OH – August 27, 2015—Premier public relations and marketing firm The Eisen Agency has been tapped to direct the local and national media relations and public relations for leading Cincinnati based marketing and media buying firm Platinum Marketing Group.

The Eisen Agency will help Platinum Marketing Group increase their local and national brand awareness, and help position and place the firm in key industry based trade publications, and local and national media outlets. Platinum Marketing Group president Kim Wiest says she is constantly looking to develop strategies that will help grow her business, and help to share their story. “We look forward to this strategic partnership with a firm that has tremendous experience in directing the PR efforts of media and advertising agencies across the country. As a fellow agency owner, I am familiar with the work and success Eisen brings, and I am confident they will bring my objectives to life through innovative ideas and hard work.”

Eisen CEO and owner Rodger Roeser says, “The Eisen Agency is pleased to be directing the marketing communications for such a well led and smart group. They are like the majority of clients, professional services, just that we may have a tad more insight in this industry than some of the others we serve. This is a great, synergist relationship and we are excited to deliver.”

Roeser added that the outsourcing marketing activities is what agencies preach, yet so often, they attempt to undertake non-core competencies themselves or continue to hire a revolving door of in house PR folks to help them, which ultimately erodes their business and their brand. Roeser said Wiest sets an excellent example of leadership and focus.

Platinum Marketing Group was founded in 2002 by Wiest. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and provides strategic media planning and buying services on a national and local level and represents such businesses as AE Door & Window, Penn Station Inc., Premier Health, Miami University, Germain Motor Company, The Cincinnati Zoo and many others. More information can be accessed at

About The Eisen Agency

The Eisen Agency is an award winning branding and branded communications firm, with offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Northern Kentucky. The agency works with organizations to assist them in creating a smoother and more predictable path to success, and as one of the nation’s foremost innovators in public relations and social media, The Eisen Agency develops, implements and manages the growth and reputation of brands in the retail, restaurant, automotive, manufacturing, legal, financial, real estate, healthcare, construction, industrial, and professional service sectors. More information can be accessed at or by calling 859.291.4302.

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Cincinnati Based Handyman Franchisor Taps Eisen for National Media Relations

For Release

Contact:Meara McCarty


Budding Handyman Franchise Links with Cincinnati PR Firm

The Eisen Agency to Direct Local, National Media Relations Initiatives

CINCINNATI, OH – August 20, 2015 — Award winning public relations, branding and marketing firm The Eisen Agency was selected to direct the public relations and media relations initiatives of Greater Cincinnati based home improvement franchisor House Doctors.

House Doctors is a whole-house service provider that offers professional handyman and light remodeling services to homes and commercial facilities across the nation. The Eisen Agency will work with the franchisor to develop national media relations programs, franchise sales marketing, “cause marketing” efforts and assist in the development of franchisee visibility in their local markets across the country.

House Doctors owner and CEO Jim Hunter said he sees tremendous potential in the growth of the business and the industry as the population and housing stock ages and not only needed a public relations firm with national reach and capabilities, but also one with significant franchisor and franchisee experience. “This is a great opportunity for our business to establish a larger customer base for our franchisees, and to work with entrepreneurs that are seeking a booming franchise opportunity. Eisen has tremendous marketing communications experience in the franchised home improvement industry, and we’re thrilled to be working with such an industrious and hardworking crew.”

Eisen owner and CEO Rodger Roeser said, “We are pleased to be a part of the recipe for continued success for House Doctors. We understand what it is that we need to do in order to be effective and help our client reach its goals and objectives. House Doctors is an amazing company with exceptional people, and we are honored to be tasked with sharing those stories.”

House Doctors was founded in 1995 and is a National Home Improvement Franchise Company with their home office in Milford, Ohio. House Doctors is now actively franchising across the United States.

About The Eisen Agency

The Eisen Agency is an award winning branding and branded communications firm, with offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Northern Kentucky. The agency works with organizations to assist them in creating a smoother and more predictable path to success, and as one of the nation’s foremost innovators in public relations and social media, The Eisen Agency develops, implements and manages the growth and reputation of brands in the retail, restaurant, automotive, manufacturing, legal, financial, real estate, healthcare, construction, industrial, and professional service sectors. More information can be accessed at or by calling 859.291.4302.

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TAHU: ‘Market Disruption Foreseen if ACA Moves Forward’

For Immediate Release


Media Contact:


Morgan Abercrombie

The Eisen Agency


Market Disruption Foreseen If ACA Change Goes Forward

Austin, TX- August 20, 2015- Federal health insurance reforms may cause a major disruption in the group insurance market, according to the Texas Association of Health Underwriters, a professional association of insurance agents and brokers who focus on health insurance and employee benefits.

For many years, “small employer” group health plans were defined as groups of 1-50 or 2-50 employees.  On Jan. 1, 2016, however, that size limit changes to 1-100 under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“This is going to be more than a ‘train wreck,” said TAHU President, Joe Phifer of Dallas.

Toby Meason, Benefits Agent with DFB Insurance Group in Amarillo agrees and said there were compelling reasons this big change should be delayed:

  • Insurance companies may stop selling small group plans altogether.  Many carriers have never participated in this segment of the group health insurance market that serves smaller employer groups.  They simply don’t have the experience and expertise.
  • There will be less choice and competition.  As some carriers pull out, this means employers have fewer plans and companies from which to choose.
  • More rigid rating and benefit requirements for small group plans may cause medium sized employers’ rates to be hit even harder this year, with average rate increases of about 18%.

TAHU is working with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and many other business group stakeholders to support ways to cope with the impending changes.  One of these initiatives is to support legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress, S. 1099 and H.R. 1624, giving each state the right to draw its own parameters on group size.  Alternatively, there is also a big push to get the Administration to postpone compliance requirements for two years, which would leave current group size requirements in place.

How would the proposed delay affect group health insurance in Texas?

House Insurance Chairman John Frullo, Lubbock, said,  “I completely support the work the Texas Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU) is doing to minimize disruptions to the insurance market and support public policy that makes sense for Texas.  Small and midsized employers are the backbone of our thriving Texas economy and we need to help these businesses provide affordable health insurance, not over burden them with senseless regulations and higher costs.”


The Texas Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU) is a statewide membership association representing licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individual consumers seeking health insurance. TAHU is a state affiliate of the National Association of Health Underwriters.

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Wilmington Savings to Host Customer Appreciation Event this Friday

For Immediate Release


Contact: Morgan Abercrombie


Wilmington Savings Bank to Host Customer Appreciation Event


Wilmington, OH – August 17, 2015- Wilmington Savings Bank is celebrating 125 years of serving their customers by hosting an all day Customer Appreciation Event on Friday, August 21 at the bank. And, while there will be prizes, giveaways and raffles throughout the day, the bank team will be serving food and holding a community picnic from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

“We are excited to host such an event for our valued customers and really for everyone in the community,” Wilmington Savings Bank president Tom Burns said. “This is just a simple way of expressing our deep gratification to our valued customers and partners for their loyalty, and a great way to meet everyone and get a chance to visit.”

For more information on the event contact the bank at (937) 382-1659 or visit their new Facebook page.



About Wilmington Savings Bank

The Wilmington Savings Bank is a mutual Ohio state savings bank formed in 1890.  The Wilmington Savings Bank is a full service bank offering residential mortgage loans, consumer loans, commercial loans and deposit products and services.  The Wilmington Savings Bank primarily markets their products and services in Clinton County, Ohio.  Additional information regarding The Wilmington Savings Bank’s products and services is available at

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Real Estate Marketing Final Installment: Reputation Management (Full Article)

Best Practices in PR & Marketing for Realtors

By Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen Agency

Most good realtors are born marketers. They have the gifts of socialization, negotiation and association and find ways to bring what appears to sometimes be the disparate of matches to a perfect and mutually beneficial close for buyer and seller. I grew up in the industry. My mother was (and remains to this day) an independent broker/realtor near Cleveland, Ohio – and has been for nearly 40 years. I was the former corporate PR muckety muck for a large real estate franchisor in the late 1990s and during my agency life, have successfully represented the largest of real estate companies and some of the smallest independent real estate firms.

Successful realtors are masters of time management and endeavor to master the tools that will help them to most efficiently do their jobs successfully. Gain inventory, move inventory. This takes hustle, drive and connections – creating a massive referral network and building upon your personal reputation and brand, and the brand of the real estate firm you represent.

The large franchisors have all the nifty whiz bang tools available to their firms to use and capitalize upon, and the smaller independent ones have the opportunity to perhaps do more with less. But, there are a few major pitfalls I often see in the PR and marketing in real estate that happens to both large and small firms, and it’s costing you listings, time and money.

#1 Failing to Use Existing Tools

The franchisors are great at churning out literally any manner of marketing tool to help out the local group. Some pieces, admittedly, are better than others. But, these items give the larger organizations a tremendous name recognition advantage over their smaller counterparts. These pieces are created for a reason – use them. I’ve seen very well recognized real estate brands in colors and combinations that should never appear. Business cards designed by goodness knows, and ads that truly make you want to gouge out your eyes (let alone some amazing poor copywriting).

These pieces are done for the simple reasons of saving you time and effort, but also in keeping a consistent brand and brand message. I understand (since I do it for a living) marketing communications can appear to be a “sexy” profession, but it’s hard work, it’s science and research, and it’s skill and experience. While there are always nuanced ways of doing business, most pieces are able to be somewhat customized to allow for some level of individuality. Understand how your business fits within that brand and use those pieces and that messaging, because spending too much time and effort on this is simply not a good use of time. Find ways to link to and coincide with these, rather than creating your own from scratch.

For example, if corporate sponsors tennis – sponsor local tennis.

The lesson for the smaller counterparts is understanding that while the larger organizations are fitting within a brand, you have the opportunity to truly create a your own personal and differentiated brand. Use cows in your marketing, have a dog a spokesperson. Look at your competition and develop your unique look and feel – then for goodness sakes, work with a professional that can hone that look and make sure that while it’s unique, it’s still professional.

Then use these tools to your advantage and keep them consistent throughout the whole of your communications and pieces. You should review all of your collateral and items you put out each year (I recommend December) and identify anything that is out of synch with your brand and your message.

Part 2: Networking is a Part of, not THE Solution: How to Best Leverage Networking

Perhaps THE lifeblood of good realtor marketing and public relations is the genuine acts of relating to the public – and that means networking. Getting out and finding groups of folks to meet with, share your card and a story or two in the hopes that when that magical time comes to buy or sell, they think of you. Networking is indeed important and you have to do it purposefully.

One or two non realtor events a month is usually enough, but should be such niched that it’s not 10 realtors for every non realtor in the room – so think outside the local chamber of commerce box. Pass out your card, get cards and understand that likely everyone you’re meeting already knows or has worked with a realtor – and you can’t win ‘em all. But you can share what you specialize in and how you may be able to be of service professionally and in the buying and selling of the home.

For example, could another group they belong to use a speaker on a topic you know very well? Find areas that are mutually beneficial, after all, likely they’re not networking to meet a realtor. Once you’ve met, that’s step one in a much longer game, so how you leverage that relationship is key. Immediately send them a letter or email letting them know you enjoyed meeting them. Ask them if they’d like to get your monthly email newsletter, and if so, put them in it (what, you don’t have a monthly eNewsletter – we need to talk – CRM is a major tool you must have and work). Try to maintain some ability to stay in communication, for example, connecting on LinkedIn.

Leverage this by regularly posting relevant articles or topics to maintain that brand recognition, and level of social competence and expertise sharing. While they won’t all turn into clients, you’ll be amazed how leveraging your networking through social media and CRM is of great value.

#3 Your Time is Money

Between organizing open houses, doing trade shows and events, schlepping folks around hither and nigh for houses, hanging signs, taking down signs and the 10 dozen other things that occupy your day, marketing can be just one more hassle that you have to deal with. You need to get those pictures of the house, you need to get your listings online – all to market your inventory.

But what about making time to market yourself and your business? Back to item #1, use what you have readily available. It will save you time, and more than most professions, your time is truly your money – and you need to do it smart. If you have the dollars to invest in a marketing person to assist you, do so. Typically, they will charge you $50 – $100/hour depending on the exact nature of the work. A very typical retainer for a given city for a given realtor is about $2K/month – if you can afford it, do it. The right professional is an investment in your time – time you can use to make more dollars. But, if you must do it yourself, in my opinion here’s three of the fastest, easiest and most efficient things you need to do in your proactive marketing efforts. 1). Unless corporate won’t allow it, get extremely memorable and unique business cards that specifically drive traffic to the same branded website, and pass them out liberally. 2). Update your website daily if you can, with tips, strategies, new listings, ideas, anything about owning, buying, selling, maintaining, staging or whatever else a house – AND – your community. 3). CRM. Nothing massive or longwinded, just share a fresh tip, a house or two available, a house or two sold (with testimonial of course) and contact info. Send monthly.

Of course, there are literally thousands of things you “can” do, and keep in mind, those folks that have the “next best marketing opportunity” are also salespeople with a job to do – sell that thing, not necessarily grow your business. So, if you’re bombarded by opportunities, or have paralysis by analysis because of the myriad of things you can do, call in a pro for at least a consultation and perhaps to set up a modest marketing plan that you can manage.

#4 Standing Out in the Right Way

Remember Glamor Shots? All the rage, and it seemed every women (or tandem mother daughter team) had them done and put on their business cards. Looking back, pretty cringe-worthy, and yes, if you’re still using those – um, please read further (but first, throw those away). You want to stand out in a crowded arena of realtors, no question about it. But standing out doesn’t mean making a spectacle of yourself or looking goofy, like so many of the locally produced ads for law firms or used cars seem to be these days.

Real estate is an important profession and folks need to have a level of pretty significant trust in their realtor – after all, this is a big deal for almost everyone. Most realtors need to be certain to be branding themselves and hard working, trustworthy and highly knowledgeable – and thus should look the part in every aspect.

That means from what you wear to the collateral items you share. In how you answer the phone, to the website you’re directing folks to. If you drive folks around in your car, or your language (and body language) – all are on display and you need to be purposeful and professional about the management of each. Be unique, but be professional – and know that your version of unique may be just what your clients want or no clients want, so pay attention.

#5 Existing Free Things

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, and while that’s true, if you have the time, take advantage of a few things that are free to help out your brand and your PR efforts throughout your community. Put your business card on every free bulletin board in town. Volunteer at as many events and programs that you feel comfortable with and have time to give of yourself. Offer to speak at local schools, churches and community organizations. Write articles and op-eds (non political, keep it to house issues) for the local paper.

Start a blog (again, home related). Take advantage of social media opportunities, and keep your Facebook and LinkedIn pages up to date, and don’t forget to comment on other postings and share – after all, social media is about engagement, not a one way discussion. There are dozens of things you can do that require maybe just a little time and effort, so think of ways you can be engaged and involved.

#6 Reputation Management

And lastly, your reputation is about all you have in this world. As my daddy used to say, “I gave you last name. Don’t screw it up.” Typical dad speak, but hey, it makes a good point. In real estate, as with most other professional services businesses, it’s much more about the “professional” than it is the “service” offered. Translation: lots of folks can sell houses, but there’s only one “you.” And this goes back to the whole of your reputation, so truly the best marketing and PR is to simply be known as that hard working and trustworthy agent that I knew I could count on (or not fear referring my grandmother too).

Now, there will always be “that” client, and we all get that. But, if you have a specific group that you know you’re the best option for, working for a specific type of client and niche can almost always be best in that you most understand their needs and how to meet their requirements – do you specialize in empty nesters, first time home buyers, farms, etc., etc. Find three things that you really want to be known for. Write them down. Then act each day and each transaction that fits those three “brand pillars” as we call them. It will make your life easier and marketing more effective.

In closing, these are just a few of many ideas and options to consider. If you’re not guilty of any of these, consider this just a validation of you great efforts. But, if this is an area you can improve upon, don’t forget to send me a thank you card.

About the Author

Rodger Roeser is the CEO of The Eisen Agency, one of the country’s top marketing and public relations consultancies for franchises and professional services businesses. Roeser has earned numerous national awards for excellence in marketing and public relations. He can be reached at

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Welcome to Elizabeth Schuler

For Release


Cincinnati Public Relations and Branding Firm Hires New Account Manager

The Eisen Agency adds Elizabeth Schuler to Account Team

Cincinnati, OH – August 14, 2015 – Elizabeth Schuler has been named account manager at professional services marketing, branding and public relations firm The Eisen Agency. A graduate from the University of Dayton with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and Spanish, Schuler will manage the marketing communications, social media and brand journalism efforts for several of the agency’s professional services and franchise clients.


About The Eisen Agency


Serving clients across the country from offices in Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland, The Eisen Agency works with organizations to assist them in their business growth, lead generation and marketing communications endeavors. One of the nation’s foremost innovators in public relations and brand journalism, The Eisen Agency develops, implements and manages the brand conversations in the retail, restaurant, automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial, real estate, healthcare, construction, industrial, professional services, and government sectors. More information can be accessed at

UD graduate Elizabeth Schuler joins Greater Cincinnati's top PR firm.

UD graduate Elizabeth Schuler joins Greater Cincinnati’s top PR firm.

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The Dragonfly Foundation Celebrates Five Years, $5 Million Local Impact

CINCINNATI, OH – August 10, 2015 – On August 10th, The Dragonfly Foundation celebrates their Fifth Anniversary of bringing comfort and joy to young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients (from birth to age 30) and their family members. The organization’s mission is simple: to bring comfort and joy.

The organization has built a range of programs, services and multiple weekly event opportunities to ease the emotional pain, fear and sense of isolation that often accompanies diagnosis, treatment and long-term recovery. Today, The Dragonfly Foundation serves more than 3,000 “Dragonflies,” and has helped enhance the patient experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Cancer & Blood Diseases Institute and Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio, and Lurie Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

“The Dragonfly Foundation… has always come through for our patients and families,” said Dr. John P. Perentesis, FAAP, Director, Division of Oncology and Cancer Programs, Executive Co-Director, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “The foundation has touched innumerable lives of our patients and families with visiting celebrities and in-hospital events, purchase of laptops for links to families and schools events, development of family support packets and amenities, new toys and books – the list is extraordinary for such a new organization.”

“We know first-hand how these families suffer,” said Dragonfly President and co-founder Christine Neitzke. “We couldn’t look away.”

“We are grateful to our donors, supporters and volunteers for making our Dragonflies feel loved,” said Ria Davidson, Vice President and co-founder. “Thanks to them, we have become more than a non-profit, we have become a family.”
The Dragonfly Foundation invites those interested in volunteering or learning more about the organization to attend an orientation session on August 12th. More information can be accessed at or via email at .

To make a donation, please visit the website or text TDF to 91999.

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