Cleveland Restaurant Tour: The Market Garden in Ohio City

If you’re a Greater Clevelander, y0u know what a real gem and treat Ohio City is, and what a wonderful place to walk around and soak up the sites and sounds of the big city in a quaint small town feel and atmosphere. It’s just a cool place to be and has a cool foodie type vibe. There are dozens of great restaurants to enjoy there, and on this particular day we took our talents to The Market Garden right on the main drag.

The day we were there, it was for lunch and the place was a madhouse. It was absolutely slammed, jammed and packed with patrons enjoying a pint or two at the bar and filled with those grabbing lunch — oddly on this day, the patrons taking up half the space was the Hillary Clinton press corps as she was just up the street giving a speech. Unfortunately, that fact is going to slightly skew this review as you really can’t plan for Hillary Clinton and the press corp showing up for lunch. The place was woefully, woefully, woefully (yes, three times in a row) understaffed so the service was horrendous, but we’re actually going to give them a pass on that — they were trying and the staff was running around like crazy people trying to get things sorted out.

Now, if you haven’t been, The Market Garden is a local Cleveland brewery that boasts a number of great proprietary brews. As it’s the fall, I try to go with as many local Oktoberfest type beers as I can, and this was no exception. It was excellent, as have been all the brews I’ve tried at the gaaaaden. The bar is rather large, an ‘L’ shaped expanse on the back of the entry point featuring several high top tables and booths. The back is also available for lunch and dinner, although on this day it was closed off (and folks walking in and out had to go through security and metal detectors — including the staff). Outside is group seating, which again on this day was a little strange as you were literally sitting with other people so there was no “one on one” conversations, it was indeed family style and shared conversations with complete strangers. If you’re cool with that, it’s cool. Now, to the food. We started off with an appetizer — one of my very favorites and something you don’t see very often — a Scotch Egg. If you don’t know what it is, you’re missing out on a treat. If you do, you didn’t want this one.

Wildly overcooked, it was a dry, crumbled mess. It also clearly sat for quite a while, so while we had the pleasure of a dry crumbled mess, it was also cold. It was gross, and unfortunately not a good harbinger of things to come. So, we waited and waited. Sitting outside in the direct hot sun in business attire — not fun. It was warm and there was no shade, and no service, so no drinks. Finally, our lunch arrived. We had salmon and a chorizo taco.

Now, for something positive. The salmon was cooked perfectly. It was moist and delicious with an excellent flavor that was accentuated by a near perfect sauce on a nice bed of tender greens and root veggies. It was very good. The soft tacos were bland and seemed to desperately cry out for all the extra flavors from the ramekins to be slathered over the dry weirdness in the actual taco. It didn’t work, and this wasn’t even good “bar” food — frankly, it was hard to eat. We give those a resounding F. Now, there are several items on a fairly comprehensive menu that features standard and some creative fare, so maybe this was an off day because we like The Market Garden and what they’re trying to do but this experience we’d rather soon forget.

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Dragonfly Foundation Reminds Young Cancer Patients How ‘Cool’ They Really Are









AUGUST 26, 2016, CINCINNATI, OH – At a Cincinnati Reds game in October of 2010, when Marty Brennaman, Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcasting Legend, took off his jersey to reveal The Dragonfly Foundation’s “I Am Still Me” shirt, he immediately made Dragonflies and other cancer patients feel less alone. Today, Dragonfly is launching a second phase of the campaign in an effort to remind young cancer patients that they are — and always will be — “cool.”


Thanks in part to to a significant donation from Luxottica, based in Mason, OH, Dragonfly is continuing its efforts to:

  • Minimize the psychological pain and fear that young cancer patients experience as a result of treatment
  • Help young patients maintain their self-esteem and protect their self image
  • Encourage the public to care while we wait for a cure


The new phase of the campaign includes:

  • I’m Still Me Care Packages [bags include, depending upon gender, age, and resources:

“I Am Still Me” Hair Loss Book, personal care items, eye wear, makeup, jewelry, headwear, tattoo markers, temporary tattoos, lint brush, pillow case and more!

  • Photo shoot with Michael Bambino Photography
  • Lamar Advertising billboard advertising in Venue Magazine
  • Video public service advertisements (created by Monkey Biz Films)
  • Social media postings/imagery (created in part by PMG)


The Dragonfly Foundation provides support, caring distractions, events and opportunities to young cancer patients (0-30) and their families. We work to mitigate the collateral damage that is associated with the emotional, physical and financial toll of cancer and bone marrow transplant treatment, recovery, and maintenance.


The Dragonfly Foundation is a light in the dark for young cancer patients and their families. To help us shine brighter, please visit or donate at


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Women in Tech Thought Leader Launches New Book

Action-Oriented Playbook Helps Women in Tech Pave Their Own Professional Path

Tech-savvy business woman and author shares proven strategies to advance females in the workplace

CLEVELAND, OH – AUGUST 25, 2016 – In conjunction with the release of her second book, JJ DiGeronimo, author and thought leader for advancing professional women in technology based roles and organizations, is offering free chapters for women interested in “the playbook” to make their professional goals a reality.

Accelerate Your Impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path is an action-oriented book for professional women looking to increase their influence and impact. It advises women, especially in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Math], to focus on specific actions to maximize their talents. With detailed chapters, supported by research, this book guides women on how to identify career sponsors, align to meaningful work, maneuver cultures and even avoid common career pitfalls.

“After 20 years in technology-based roles, it is apparent that business women need their own playbook,” says DiGeronimo. “This book gives women purposeful action steps to help increase their relevance, leverage their networks and align to board seats to catapult in their desired direction.”

With more than 100 articles and 25 activities for the reader, this book evokes proactive action within a framework to accelerate one’s own career path.  Advancing, retaining and recruiting business women in STEM fields is a multi-faceted initiative. This book incorporates many of the strategies, research and common discussions from DiGeronimo’s national organization, Tech Savvy Women.

For information on the author, her latest book, and free chapters from her new book Accelerate Your Impact, visit

Accelerate Your Impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path

By: JJ DiGeronimo

Available September 24, 2016 via and

Retail price: $22.95

 About the Author

JJ DiGeronimo, the president of Tech Savvy Women, began her career designing datacenter infrastructures for Fortune 500 companies after graduating with a computer information systems degree in 1995.  Prior to her recent work, JJ had a 20-year career in high-tech, positioning new technology solutions within Silicon Valley-based technology companies including VMware and Inktomi.  Now recognized as a thought-leader and author, JJ empowers professional women and consults senior executives on strategies to retain and attract diverse talent. With her varying initiatives, JJ is featured in many publications and TV shows including Forbes, Fox Business, ITWorld, Career-Intelligence and Rescue a CEO.  She has shared her research and keynotes at Amazon, Ingram Micro, Sears Holding Company, Clemson University, Symantec, KeyBank, and Cisco along with many other organizations.   Her new book, “Accelerate Your Impact” complements her 2011 book, “The Working Woman’s GPS”.

What People are Saying…

Accelerate Your Impact is a brilliant roadmap for anyone seeking real-world examples and inspiration as we contemplate how to leave a meaningful footprint from our life’s work. JJ DiGeronimo, yet again, weaves her personal journey with best practices and proven outcomes. Her honest and straightforward style makes this the go-to book for today’s professional.” –  Tim Mueller, CEO Global IT M&A Forum

JJ DiGeronimo is a longtime WITI Member, speaker, and champion of women in tech and STEM-related careers.  JJ’s new book, Accelerate Your Impact, is a must read!  Its unique insights and information will help all readers create a road map to reach and surpass their professional goals! –  David Leighton, President,  WITI – Women In Technology International

Media Contact:

Cresta Lewis


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Heimlich Heroes to Release Spanish Program Translation


Heimlich Heroes™ to Release Spanish Program Translation

Cincinnati, OH – August 17, 2016 – Heimlich Heroes™, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit that teaches young people how to recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency, will soon release a Spanish version of its interactive training program. The Spanish translation of the program will be available to users in September 2016.

The organization’s mission is to eliminate preventable choking deaths by teaching young people the Heimlich Maneuver®. In order to expand the program’s reach, Heimlich Heroes created a Spanish program translation.

“Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. representing nearly 25% of the current K-12 population,” said program manager Terri Huntington. “By using the learner’s home language, they will be able to engage more in the learning process as we teach this life-saving information.”

Groups can register for the program and specify if they need Spanish materials. The Spanish version includes the training DVD, student workbook materials, the Leader’s script, and more.

“We have been working hard for months on the translations and filming the Spanish training video,” said Huntington. “This is just one more way to reach kids and to save lives.”

Heimlich Heroes is in high demand and requires schools, and other youth organizations to schedule their trainings at least 12 weeks in advance. The Spanish version will be available to any training scheduled after September 1, 2016.


About Heimlich Heroes:

Heimlich Heroes, a Deaconess Initiative, teaches kids, grades 2-8, how to recognize, respond to, and prevent a choking emergency. This program teaches a life-saving technique and empowers young people to view themselves as potential heroes. To learn more about the program or to register your school or organization, visit


Heimlich Heroes
330 Straight Street, Suite 330
Cincinnati, OH 45219



Cresta Lewis



“Our organization is proud to make this life-saving program available to the Spanish speaking communities,” said Huntington. “It is our goal to make this the first of several translation options for our growing and diverse population.”

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Cleveland Nursing Home Residents Set for Summer Camp

For Release


Media Contact: Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency



Twitter @ EisenHotNews


Cleveland Long Term and Rehabilitation Facility Gives Residents A Week in the Woods

Camp Cheerful Helps Nursing Home Residents of St. Augustine Experience the Joy of Camping


Cleveland, OH – August 9, 2016 – Summer is time for summer camp. Anyone that has had young children know this, but at Cleveland’s St. Augustine Health Ministries, summer camp is a retreat for folks with a little more experience.


From August 14 through 19, about 30 residents of the long term care facility that typically live on the campus of St Augustine Health Ministries will be embarking on Happy Campers Week at Camp Cheerful in Strongsville. These residents will stay at camp the entire week, complete with spending the nights in cabins, while 25 to 40 additional residents will join in on the fun each day at day camp. Residents will be given the opportunity to do typical camp activities, arts and crafts, fishing, swimming, spending time around horses.


While Happy Campers Week takes many volunteers and staff members working hard to make the week a more magical, St. Augustine director of development Dana Carns says the transformation in residents is amazing. “The fresh air, the freedom, and just being away from ‘home’ seems to give residents new energy and more independence. The joy and smiles, combined with creating great memories is just something the staff and the residents look forward to each year.”


Caregivers and staff alike notice the difference in residents while they are at camp. Carns notices that many don’t ask for pain medication and even begin to do more than they would normally. St. Augustine is currently in preparation for Happy Campers Week 2016. You can find out more, donate or sign up to volunteer call 216-939-7602.


About St. Augustine Health Ministries


A service of the Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland, St. Augustine Health Ministries has three facilities in Greater Cleveland – St Augustine Health Campus, Holy Family Home Health Care & Hospice and Emerald Village Senior Living – and offers home health care services, early education & day care, skilled nursing & rehabilitation, independent and assisted living, hospice care and other specialized services. Our continuum of care celebrates and empowers each person to live a life of purpose, independence, and well-being. Skilled, compassionate services are provided regardless of race, creed, religion or finances. More information can be accessed at or by calling 216-634-7400.


For interviews or to do an on site at camp interview, please contact our media relations team.









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Cleveland Restaurant Tour: Pier W

In our continuing saga of finding great restaurants throughout Greater Cleveland (and Greater Cincinnati) every now and again you have one that simply blows your mind — this was one of those occasions. While we’ve certainly  heard good things about Lakewood’s Pier W restaurant, until you experience it for yourself, the written word is a poor substitute — but we’ll try.

Walking in from the ample free parking, you’re greeted by a blue awning walkway into what appears to be a very, very small building. It’s almost as if you’re walking the red carpet to a private club. To your right is the patio seating and in front of you is the one floor down staircase that leads to the restaurant lobby complete with massive saltwater fish tank, and behind it, one of the finest wine rooms/wine selections I have personally ever seen. The bar, which was rather small relatively, was also quite exclusive as it was roped off. For every patron that left, another could be let in. The bar was fully stocked with every high end drink you can imagine, and they had several signature cocktails of their own creation, including the highly recommended Pier W drink.

Now, the view is worth going alone as you literally are peering out into the expanse of Lake Erie and to your right is the beautiful Cleveland skyline that so many folks, particularly visitors to the city, never see — from the Harbor Side. It’s breathtaking, since on this day it was sunny and clear, you could see all the way to the lake’s horizon and the curvature of the Earth. Did I mention the view was breathtaking?

Upon being seated, we were greeted by attentive and knowledgeable staff that shared special selections and explained the truly expansive menu. While pricey (dinner with drinks will cost  you $200) I have to say it was worth every nickel and I look forward to going again and again to try more selections. Now, i’m a sucker for raw oysters on the half shell and these did not disappoint. Beautifully presented and cleaned, the sampler of three types was the perfect into to a surf and turf dinner that is, without question, the best I have ever had — anywhere. Ever. The other appetizer was a scallop ceviche, again, flavorful, moist and powerful.


The surf and turf was standard filet (rare) and a beautiful lobster tail — again cooked to perfection and served with a twice baked mash and asparagus. The other entree was almost a “deconstructed” shepherd’s pie, with a garlic truffle mash as the bed to a glazed carrot and roast with a wine redux sauce — both melted in your mouth and were bursting with flavor. Perfectly combined and prepared with confidence. It was a sight for the eyes and a feast for the palette. All in all, if you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate a victory, milestone or event in your life, this is the place to do it. 10 out of 10 and highly unconditionally recommended.

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Wilmington Savings Bank Featured in Wilmington News Journal

Nice placement for our PR team and securing some nice local publicity for client Wilmington Savings Bank:


If your business needs a fresh media relations plan, strategy or even some smarter, harder working folks tenaciously sharing your brand message, give us a call.

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