USO Central and Southern Ohio to Host Gala in Columbus March 4

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Media Contact  Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency





USO Gala Celebration Set for Columbus March 4

‘A Salute to Service’ to Honor Military, Donors and Volunteers


Columbus, OH – February 20, 2017 – The USO of Central and Southern Ohio will host ‘A Salute to Service’ on Saturday, March 4 at the Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City. The event honors the brave women and men in the military, as well as USO donors, whose generosity enabled the group to serve 117,000 Ohio service members and their families in 2016.  The black tie/military dress event begins at 6 p.m. with a cocktail reception, and the presentation of colors at 7 p.m. followed by dinner. Entertainment includes a Bob Hope impersonator, and keynote speaker, retired Brigadier General Jeff Foley.


USO-CSO executive director Sherry Ems said the event also salutes its volunteers, who donate their time, talent and treasure to help us keep our military connected. And, is also a key fundraiser to support programs and help bring awareness to the USO-CSO and the work done in support of military members and their families.  “Of major importance is that the USO-CSO does not just take care of the person in uniform, but also ensures that their families at home are taken care of as well,” Ems explained.“ We are constantly reminded by the military that they are able to successfully carry on their mission, knowing their loved ones are being taken care of while they serve our country.”


HER Realtors, along with special posthumous recognition to HER realtor Sherol Sexton, will be awarded the 2017 Joe Wells Patriot Award for their work over the years in collecting toys for military children.




The USO of Central Ohio is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support troops in a 65 county area in central and southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and West Virginia. We provide morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform and their families. More information can be accessed at

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Cleveland Food Tour: Cole’s Public House in Amherst

Nestled on Main Street in the quaint Sandstone City of Amherst sits the best restaurant this critic has been to in years, in Cleveland or Cincinnati, and is so far the top spot in the Greater Cleveland Food Tour. It rivals the very best of the best in Cincinnati, a great foodie town and  is reminiscent of the great spots in OTR, as well as Brew River or Incline. If you’re talking Greater Cleveland, it has a Tremont vibe but far less pretentious. Of course, I’m talking about Cole’s Public House. If you’ve haven’t been, you’re missing out and if you have, then you already know how amazing this place is.

For starters, guess what cocktail we started off with? That’s right, the holy grail quest for the perfect Old Fashioned has come to end — the holy grail is at Cole’s Public House. No, itimg_0021 is still not the standard bearer that is Bour Bon in Paris (KY), but it’s the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had in Ohio. Crafted beautifully by friendly, knowledgeable and charismatic bartenders Wendy and Mike, it was the perfect combination of rye, sugar, aromatic bitters and style (the recreation of the Cavaliers logo for the cherry and orange peel was icing on the cake.). It was, quite frankly, delicious. The space has an old feel to it, the exposed brick walls and large, heavy dark wood accented by nice lighting and natural light from the front window made the space feel larger than it actually is. The back and side walls had faux windows with scenery and was quite cleverly designed. The bar is large, with ample seating and fronting an excellent selection of draft beers and an amazing selection of bottled and canned beer from the past (black label, for example, which I’ve never actually seen) to present.


For the entree, I can never resist fresh, raw hand shucked oysters (I call them shuckers). They have a variety of things to put on them, but of course the only way to eat them is naked. Cleaned perfectly, filled with salty briny awesomeness, these were fresh, flavorful and a site for sore eyes — oh we love a good raw bar. Just delicious, a tad pricey, so this isn’t an everyday appetizer, but yummy and nicely unexpected in Amherst.


After the apps, I had a roasted beet salad. Two types of beets roasted to absolute perfection. Tender and flavorful, a little earthy as you like them, but not mushy. Highly recommend the beets. The entree was a delightful black cod, served over a bed of hand made spinach fettuccine served with olives, crushed tomatoes and a garlic sauce. The fish was cooked absolutely to perfection, light and flavorful, and flaked off the fork with ease — glistening with natural oils and not overly seasoned as to ruin the great taste of the fish itself. Pasta in most restaurants I find they don’t know how to make noodles al dente. These were perfectly prepared, not drowning in sauce but rather allowing the fish and the pasta to brilliantly intermingle and create an amazing texture and taste.


Overall, what can I say 9 out of 10 or perhaps a 9.5 if we gave out such numbers. Not particularly expensive, not pretentious and incredibly fresh, friendly, vibrant and creative. The drink menu is a masterpiece of creativity and skill, and the food menu is perfectly balanced to please any foodie. HIGHLY recommended, and the best restaurant in Ohio to date.


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As Your Home Services Business Starts the New Year, Five Signs You Need to Outsource Your Marketing

As Your Home Services Business Starts the New Year, Five Signs it’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

By Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen Agency

As we approach the end of another business year, it’s an excellent time to look back at your year and see how you did, where you may be able to improve and maybe be a tad more innovative in your approach to success. After all, who doesn’t want to improve or be more innovative, right? But sometimes I’m reminded of that great cartoon meme where two cavemen are pushing a cart with square wheels. Another caveman walks up to them with a round wheel and says “I can help,” and the two cavemen reply, “No thanks, we’re too busy.”

This mindset, of course is dangerous in business but sadly, quite common. We are so busy doing what we do, we fail oftentimes to take a step back and see areas of opportunity and improvement. It’s the basics and yet the bane of virtually every business development officer who genuinely can look at a prospect and say, we can help! Yet the business simply doesn’t invest the time in seeing if a given solution would actually improve the business. So, to that end, here are five very simple signs that a marketing agency would be of benefit to your organization, because we do believe every business — regardless of size – should at the very least have some type of marketing agency representation and support to either augment or be your marketing team.

  1. You don’t really do a lot of marketing.

This is a very good indicator that you’re either spending too much money on internal staff salaries, or you have folks that likely shouldn’t be doing “marketing” doing “marketing” — such as the business development person, administrative assistant, HR or worse — you. If you average out most agency fees at between $50 – $150/hour (fees vary) it’s pretty simple to gauge how much time is actually being invested in actual marketing activities. Knowing that the average salary of ENTRY LEVEL marketing professionals is about $35,000/annually plus benefits, for most businesses, particularly small ones, agency is simply significantly less expensive while also gaining far more experience and expertise than an in house, entry level professional. So, if your marketing is pretty basic, you just need a few things here and there (perhaps some website updates, some social media work, a press release here and there, some presentations developed, maybe a few ads) agency is likely a far more fiscally sound choice, and most certainly, you’ll get more experience. An agency professional can also assist you in laying out a proactive plan, so instead of knee jerk or reactive work, you can actually endeavor toward the achievement of core business goals.

  1. Your marketing staff seems constantly overwhelmed.

So, on the other side of the coin of the business that does mainly basic marketing activity, the flip side is the internal team that is so busy all the time they are struggling simply to maintain a tactical work flow. And, when large projects come in that need to be completed, an already overwhelmed staff is no longer even treading water. Constantly working late (or overtime) or the overly demanding boss frowning on folks that actually have a life, is the top reason most in house marketing professionals stay at their job for less than 12 months (actually, research shows the average in house person in marketing changes/leaves/gets fired every nine months — that’s bad). And, if you have a team that is constantly working and a fever pace, there’s no time to actually step back and look at ways to improve or update or be strategic — it’s simply get it done and move on to the next task. The big fallacy is that in house teams should be able to do everything, and that having an agency is just another expense. Not true. A good agency is simply there to assist when the work just becomes too much. You don’t need to be on a monthly retainer — call an agency when you need some help on a project or contact basis. Most are happy to help. Use them when you need them, and don’t when you don’t.

  1. You’ve been doing the same old same old, and is there anything else out there?

Well, of course there is! A sure fire sign that you need an agency is when you feel you’re not getting fresh ideas or concepts. Or, your internal team seems to be doing okay, but are generally just pushing the rock up the hill and doing it again tomorrow and the next day. You have good programs. You have good people, but you may just need to interject some fresh ideas or look at some strategically and tactically superior ways to go about something — after all, you stopped using your fax machine didn’t you? And, that VCR has been replaced, right? Just like old technology in your everyday life, there are constantly new things available to marketers to allow them to perform their job more efficiently or do something differently. Good agencies know these tools, work with them and know what would and what probably would not work for your specific business or business challenge. And, look at it this way, an agency doesn’t “sell” solutions so if a given piece of software may work better, the agency can be objective in sharing that — rather than the software salesperson. That objectivity and the ability to put the right pieces together is a tremendous advantage, and you’d be amazed at how an internal team can be energized by some fresh thinking or a new campaign.

  1. Your internal marketing team constantly turns over.

This is and has been a big challenge for business. As mentioned, research shows the average in house marketing professional will work for your company for about nine months — then leave for a number of reasons. Often times, the hiring company simply doesn’t know what it needs when hiring a marketing professional. More times than not, the internal hire discovers the reality of the gig to not quite be what they signed on for. With a good agency (that understands your needs and your business) you have a genuine partner that is objectively there working toward your success (admit it, you can’t say that about every in house hire) and can put together the perfect pieces of the agency for the constantly varying needs of the marketing of a business. Why would you hire a social media professional when this person will likely only work (or should work) on your social media for a couple hours/week. So, pretty soon, the social media specialist is planning events, writing power point presentations, doing new business — oops, you lost another one. Hire what you need, and use what you need when you need it.

  1. And the number one sign? Your numbers are down.

It’s most obvious, yet all too often ignored aspect of marketing. You did benchmark all your important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from the previous year and have been reviewing KPI performance each month and each quarter right? And from that review, tweaking and revising work, right? If you look at the myriad of analytics (which you should review with your marketing team at least monthly) look at the trends. Are you media placements going up? Web and social media traffic? Sales numbers and trial establishment? Whatever is critical to the performance of your business, it must be measured and managed. After all, how can you manage something you can’t measure? But gee, my marketing team is so nice and fun, and we did bagel Tuesday yesterday. That’s great, and personality and culture is important, but you have to look at numbers, too. If things are not trending or going the way you wish, it is time to bring in a professional (that understands your type of industry or business) and have them do a quick review. In most instances, I can spot from a mile away areas of opportunity and improvement. How many in house folks will say to you: “Boss, I’m just not doing a very good job for you but I don’t actually know what I’m doing or how I can improve.” That would be none, so it is critical for you and the health of your business to be able to rely upon folks that can objectively advise and provide not only counsel but direction. If you haven’t worked with any agency ever, or in the past two or three years, do yourself a favor and bring one in to at least take a look under the hood. Just like you when you see a doctor or dentist, a little preventative care goes a long way.


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AMA NEO Awards Scholarships

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Media Contact:                 Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency



American Marketing Association Northeast Ohio Chapter Awards Two Scholarships

AMA NEO Awards Baldwin Wallace, Malone University Students

Cleveland, OH – January 19, 2016 –The American Marketing Association Northeast Ohio Chapter (AMA NEO) has awarded two outstanding area students that “exemplify a keen understanding of marketing principles and the strategic application of those principles.” Presented by Avery Dennison, scholarships were awarded to Baldwin Wallace junior Heather Hammond and Malone University junior Marcus Moeller.

Hammond is a resident of Cuyahoga Falls and currently majors in marketing management at Baldwin Wallace. She is also an intern at American Greetings. Upon graduation, she plans to complete a one year MBA program at BW, and hopes to enter to social media marketing field. “I became aware of the scholarship through the BW financial aid office. I believe that my creativity, along with my real world experience, gives me a fresh new insight for business solutions,” Hammond says. “With these funds I will be able to continue my education through Baldwin-Wallace, receiving a bachelor’s and ultimately a master’s degree.”

Moeller hails from Canton and is currently double majoring in business administration and marketing at Malone University. He says that he hopes to end up as a chief marketing officer with a professional sports franchise. “I play varsity football at Malone University, and in general I am a very competitive and driven person,” Moeller says. “I was born and raised in Denmark, and I believe that having been raised in a different culture is a great benefit, and gives me a great foundation for coming up with new and innovative ideas.”

Each year, AMA NEO provides offers these scholarships and interested students can apply each fall at AMA NEO president Jennifer Norris says, “It’s a privilege that our professional organization is able to give back and invest in the future of our industry. As the leading professional services organization in the marketing industry in Northeast Ohio, we take the cultivation of marketing professionals, both current and future, very seriously and our amazing organization is proud to honor these amazing future professionals.”


Founded in 2016 as the merged Cleveland and Akron/Canton AMA Chapters, AMA NEO provides professional development and networking opportunities that serve to assist the growth and success of the Northeast Ohio marketing community. The American Marketing Association is the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world. The professional development organization fosters a community for marketers and academics designed to inspire curiosity, debate and connection, and provides the tools, education and training needed to be more successful.


Heather Hammond


Marcus Moeller

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Five Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Marketing Professional Needs to Know

Five Cool Tools Every Real Estate Marketing Rock Star Needs to Understand


By Marina Nasonti, The Eisen Agency


Not only has the real estate industry made a huge comeback, but investors, builders, homebuyers and sellers are again making money in the market. So, being the recognized as the go to realtor continues to be critical to success, and being smarter in the marketing efforts that augment the referral is paramount. And, in our day and age with millennials not being seduced into to becoming a homebuyer, attracting younger buyers is truly a challenge – even with superior marketing efforts. Realtors need to heavily rely on attracting customers not only through social media promotion and engagement, but real estate apps including, Zillow and Vert. After all, this is the generation that developed alongside the Internet.


At leading real estate marketing firm, The Eisen Agency, we thrive on being successful leaders in today’s fast moving global marketplace, and have the time, energy and expertise to focus on individual industries and great marketing tools to marry those strategically and tactically to the benefit of our clientele. Each of our executive’s knowledge and expertise span across a wide variety of industries – from travel to real estate – so our team’s expertise is our client’s advantage. Here are five cool tools every real estate marketing rock star needs to understand in 2016.


  1. Buffer

This simple analytics platform is the best way to decrease social media time, increase engagement and drive traffic to your organization’s website. This interface allows you to share content across multiple social media platforms and accounts. Buffer uses data specific to real estate to analyze and distribute your published post during the best times of the day. The platform also allows you to add photos and videos or use their new tool, Pablo to visualize your post. Pablo creates social media images, allowing users to choose different templates and fonts. So, save yourself a few hours each week and purchase Buffer.




  1. it allows businesses and professionals to discover, curate and publish a wide array of content to increase visibility and drive visitors to their website. This platform not only allows you to collect articles on specific content but search millions of users and topic boards related to the real estate industry. And, this tool integrates with Facebook and Twitter, sharing your curated content with the click of your mouse.




  1. Klear

Klear is a social intelligence platform that serves as a sophisticated influencer search engine. This platform can connect you to the right people around the world and become a very successful networking tool. It will also analyze your engagement, performance, benchmark your landscape and provide insight so you can stay ahead of the curve.



  1. Canva

Producing engaging content and producing it consistently are two large obstacles when it comes to implementing a marketing plan effectively. If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool, loaded with features to create visually engaging content to share with your audience, you have found it. From magazine covers to social media ads, Canva has you covered.









  1. Propertybase

Propertybase is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that is user-friendly, versatile and flexible. This software allows real estate marketers to capture leads, send branded email campaigns, manage listings and track an offer to closing. So focus on real estate and let Propertybase focus on maximizing your visibility and providing value to your clients.



And, while this is by no means an exhaustive list of every “cool” tool out there, it’s a good sampling of some of the whiz bang tools our team uses to the advantage of our clientele. As in in house marketing executive or small business owner, having an outside agency that is dedicated to constantly finding better ways to share your message and grow your business efficiently is a tremendous competitive advantage.


About the Author


Marina Nasonti is an account manager with leading national marketing and public relations consultancy The Eisen Agency. With offices in Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland, The Eisen Agency represents clientele across the country who strive to grow their business and organization more efficiently, lowering overhead costs and increasing expertise through outsourced agency/client strategic partnerships. Nasonti is a graduate of Kent State University. More information can be accessed at









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Wendy’s Bridal Show Saturday and Sunday, Jan 14 & 15

Wendy’s Bridal Show | Cincy Chic <!– –> &lt;style type=”text/css”&gt; .wpb_animate_when_almost_visible { opacity: 1; }&lt;/style&gt;

Join Wendy’s Bridal on Saturday & Sunday, January 14 and 15, for the Wendy’s Bridal Show. Meet over 150 wedding professionals and enjoy a fabulous fashion show at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at You can find a $2 discount coupon on the site as well.

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Cleveland Restaurant Tour: The Foundry in Elyria

About 20 minutes west of downtown is a great old blue collar town called Elyria, which has fallen on some pretty tough times over the past few decades. A once vibrant and bustling central downtown district has become a near ghost town consisting of mainly local government office buildings and seedy bars. But, recently the great old downtown corridor started to make a bit of a comeback, anchored by, of all things, a really nice McDonald’s (yes, you know it’s tough when the nicest restaurant is a Micky Ds, but I digress). So, when The Foundry opened its doors last summer, the grand old town saw a beaming light of awesome rising right on Broad Street.

The place reminds me of a hip, cool restaurant you would see downtown Cleveland in the Warehouse District or in Cincinnati’s OTR. The Foundry entrance is a cedar lined airlock, that heads you into the massive open space restaurant and bar. The walls are adorned with beautiful old brick and wood and pictures of old foundry workers. Flat screen TVs tuned to every sports event imaginable are within the line of sight no matter where you sit, but my favorite is the one you see first when you’re greeted by the hostess — a rotating photo album of old (and I mean 1800s old) Elyria. It’s spellbinding. The bar is amazing, and very large, spanning likely 30 feet long with a large archway and some of the niftiest lighting I’ve ever seen overhead (how they did it I don’t know, but I want to hire that person). The bar is flanked by high end scotch and whiskey, and behind more spirits and dozens of craft beers on tap.

We sat in the front section of the space, which seated probably 10 table tops of 4. A large fireplace was to our right, and the front is an all glass garage door which presumably is open in warmer weather — very cool. The drink menu is expansive and very creative, and I was impressed with the number of high end whiskeys certain to please even the most snobby of Scotch or Bourbon fan. The cocktails were just as impressive, so when you go, order something you’ve never had just to try it. Of course, I can’t resist a good Old Fashioned, so I started with that. While the standard bearer of all Old Fashioneds is The Bour Bon in Paris (KY) sidenote: literally, it’s worth the drive to Paris, KY just to go to Bour Bon and have their Old Fashioned, it’s life changing, this one was….okay. It’s not Bour Bon, but it was good. I am hopeful to find the quintessential Old Fashioned that is close to the world’s greatest cocktail i found in Paris — that search continues. I followed that with a Manhattan, which was properly made with a Rye base and was excellent! Highly recommend it, although again, there are dozens of clever and creative cocktails so if you go to The Foundry and order a Bud Light — please leave.

Now, on to the food, right? Well, the appetizer menu was a little weird and lacking, but there was one that stood out simply because I’ve never seen it and never had it anywhere so of course, you have to try it — I’m referring to their wasabi srirachi saki marinaded Deviled Eggs. Yep, you read correctly. So, it made the eggs look greyish green, but DAMN! they were really good. Flavor explosion with a perfect amount of heat and spice. Texture was yummy, and while a little weird, who doesn’t need a little weirdness once in a while.

The appetizer was followed up with a nice caprese salad, which we love. Okay, this one sucked. Why? It was advertised as heirloom tomatoes, with fresh local basil. While the balsamic reduction was good, if that was an heirloom tomato, I’m LeBron James. It was a thinly sliced tasteless soggy tomato from the bins at Giant Eagle. Also, no basil but an odd handful of leafy greens? This was bad, poorly constructed and generally tasteless. I’m going to guess this is not an oft ordered item at The Foundry.

Because, while there are a couple salads on the menu, this is a sandwich, pizza, burger and steak joint. They have really cool daily specials that highlight each of those, and on Friday, a seafood special of lob bisque and a beer battered Perch Sandwich (for our friends in Cincinnati, perch is the local fish delicacy in Cleveland). We went with the NY Strip, which came with garlic smashed yukons and brussel sprouts. This was quite good, and the brussels were cooked beautifully, with panchetta and the perfect amount of char. While I’m not a potato person per se, these were good — albeit HEAVY on the garlic. If you’re looking to ward off vampires, these are a great choice. Steak was flavorful and had great lines and was a good strip.

All things considered, The Foundry is simply a breath of fresh air to a town that desperately needs a success. The place has a cool vibe and a really creative and expansive menu that we can’t wait to continue to try over and over again. The Elyrian looks really good, and when we saw the burgers coming in and out from the kitchen, we admit we had a little food envy. So, we do highly recommend The Foundry, looks like the perfect place to hit after work with colleagues for a cocktail or two, great date night dinner and just an all around good experience. Give it a try.

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