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Organization Aims to Prevent Choking Deaths in Schools

Cincinnati, OH- February 16, 2016- The Heimlich Heroes™ training program strives to eliminate preventable choking deaths in schools by teaching young people how to recognize and respond to a choking emergency.

At times like lunch or recess when students are not under direct supervision, choking can go unnoticed by a teacher or aide. The organization prepares students to assist in a choking emergency when adults are not accessible.

“Most choking incidents in elementary school occur in the lunchroom while students are eating with each other,” said school nurse Nancy Moran. “A student can be a hero right at the lunch room table if he or she knows what to do.”

The program educates students about the Heimlich Maneuver® and provides interactive application through training dolls. Heimlich Heroes promotes life-saving skills to prevent choking deaths.

“Your peers are the people around you, and for children that most likely means other children,” said Program Manager Terri Huntington. “Adults might not be around in a choking emergency, and our program empowers children to take action. Like we always say— anyone can be a Heimlich Hero.”

About Heimlich Heroes:
Heimlich Heroes, a Deaconess Initiative, teaches kids, 2-8 grade, how to recognize, respond to, and prevent a choking situation. This free program teaches a life-saving technique and empowers young people to view themselves as potential heroes. To learn more about the program or to register your school or organization, visit http://www.heimlichheroes.com.

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