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Cleveland Food Tour: Medina’s Corkscrew Saloon

If you haven’t gone to Medina to spend a day walking around this quaint city, you’re missing out. What an absolute gem we have right in our backyard. I could go on an on about the nifty things to see but of course, this is the food tour and you could probably do an entire series just on Medina restaurants — which we just may do that! As you drive into Medina from route 57, you’ll notice a grand Victorian mansion that is now home to the Corkscrew Saloon. The home was built in the 1850s and was the Durham Mansion, where he made his fortune manufacturing time pieces. The space is just jaw dropping as this home was converted into a restaurant some time ago and apparently has been home to several over the years — the latest incarnation being the Corkscrew. Not sure why it’s called that, I didn’t gather that it was a “wine” place although it did have a nice selection. The bar area was small but well equipped and stocked with the usual suspects. The menu (we did lunch) was clever and had a number of interesting options of entrees and appetizers, and there are many selections that would please the most discerning of palate down to some grub for the kiddos — although I would suggest leaving the little darlings at home for this place. It’s elegant, and pricey but worth every cent.

We opted to start off with a pair of appetizers — fried calamari and scallops Rockefeller. The main entree was ahi tuna, with asparagus and fried rich. The calamari (much like the memorable calamari at Whistler’s) was fresh, vibrant and fantastic. Beautifully breaded and fried, it was not greasy or rubbery, but rather fresh and firm, with a fantastic coating. The sauce, however, was to die for. I don’t know exactly what it was, but on the calamari, it was utter perfection. The scallops were also amazing. Beautifully presented on the shell, they cooked perfectly and were loaded with flavor. The entree was a lesson in how to prepare ahi tuna. The pepper coating was seared in, leaving the center raw and giving a taste sensation that was out of this world. It was meaty, juicy and melted in your mouth. The black bean and corn salsa topping paired beautifully with the tuna and what can you say about the big asparagus, also seared to perfection with the right amount of snap.

Highly recommended, this is a great stop for lunch or dinner. The patio is beautiful as well, and features a large pond and waterfall, so a great stop for a cocktail after work or that special dinner. Five out of five stars, this is worth the trip!


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