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Eagle Coach Announces Record-Breaking Sale to Funeral Auto Company in Louisville

Eagle Coach Announces Record-Breaking Sale to Funeral Auto Company in Louisville
Fleet of twenty-three Cadillac vehicles delivered

09.07.2010 – Louisville, KY – Eagle Coach Company, an internationally recognized professional vehicle manufacturer based in Amelia, OH, announced the sale of 23 vehicles to Funeral Auto Company in Louisville, KY. A first time sale for Eagle Coach, the auto company chose a fleet of eleven Cadillac Ultimate hearses and twelve Cadillac 6-door limousines.

The purchase decision took place after extensive study and cost analysis by the leadership of Funeral Auto Company, which is owned by a consortium of funeral directors in Louisville. David Owen, funeral director and president of Funeral Auto Company, led the development of the transaction.

“We needed vehicles that would be reliable, have low maintenance costs and retain outstanding resale value,” Owen said. “Eagle was the clear choice for that. But even more importantly, we wanted a great customer service team. I need to know the people behind the vehicles, and I found that in the staff at Eagle Coach, and Tommy Jones, owner of Jones Coach Sales.”

“A 23-car sale is no small endeavor,” Tommy Jones, Bowling Green, KY area Eagle dealer said. “We spent a lot of time talking with the leadership and working to understand their business needs. They made the decision to move forward with Eagle, and we’re looking forward to being their partner for a long time.”

All of the vehicles were chosen in platinum color. The hearses feature crown bands as well as other popular trim options, and the limousine companion cars were built with raised roofs for extra headroom.

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About Eagle Coach Company
Since its humble beginnings in 1982, Eagle Coach Company has risen to become arguably the most recognized industry leader in overall quality, style, innovation and customer satisfaction. Eagle Coach builds professional vehicles from start to finish—demanding attention to detail and unrivaled quality. Each year brings groundbreaking advances in the coaches to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the funeral service profession. Eagle Coach Company is located in Amelia, Ohio.


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