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Why HR Should Hire a PR Firm


HR & PR, What Human Resources Needs to Know About Public Relations & Marketing

By Rodger Roeser, CEO, The Eisen Agency

As a human resources executive, you are at the heart of any organization. After all, it is you and your position that are, in large part, responsible for the success or failure of that organization. And, the way your position interacts and works with many other positions inside and outside of the enterprise will mean the difference between long-term success or failure. Unfortunately for many HR executives, their success can largely be determined by the actions (or inactions) of others around them in their own business, and understanding how to navigate that and adroitly traverse the “internal mine field” is critical.

Human resources is at the center of attracting and retaining talent, communicating internally to all members of any successful organization regarding policies and programs, as well as training, planning events and a host of additional responsibilities. The challenge is that many of these core responsibilities also fall into other camps and internal disciplines, such as marketing, public relations, community relations, operations and legal. After all, if your brand has a bad reputation, attracting talent is going to be that much more challenging. If you don’t have a strong, well-communicated corporate culture, it’s difficult to retain talent who may lack understanding of the direction of the boat. If operational policies are unclear, and office politics tend to rule the day, confusion and consternation lead to that ever-revolving door of talent, and the need to constantly retrain. This costs time. This costs money.

Which is why working with these folks – either internally or outsourced through a professional firm – is increasingly more important. Human resources professionals are increasingly tasked with doing more for less, it seems. In some small businesses, HR IS the PR department as well. The need to stay current on communications, legal and operational issues. Plus, strategies and best practices is a never ending battle, compounded by the fact that most internally-staffed communications teams tend be constantly changing and largely unaffected by corporate retention policies. And, I would argue that HR, when hiring for communications positions, are largely ignoring the expertise, experience and cost savings that would be gained by looking at a communications agency partner rather than simply the latest in-house hire.

Why? Not sure. But it seems that each time the “boss” needs a new hire, the immediate knee jerk reaction is to dust off the last job opening post and put it out there again (the average in house marketing person stays on the job less than 12 months). When instead, we would suggest that while looking at in-house candidates, also consider the option of hiring a professional firm or freelancer with likely a much more expansive skill set, already in possession of the necessary tools and expertise, all the necessary staff to accomplish virtually anything, and the ability to provide the most senior counsel as well as tactical support – something simply not realistic in any single new hire. And yet, in many cases, this is significantly less costly than even entry level in-house hires. As a side note, if you are insistent on hiring in house, have an agency review the job posting to make sure the job description is up to date and accurate with what would be needed – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reviewed job descriptions for a marketing communications position that is clearly years out of date – which in marketing, is eons.

With the right agency, you have no overhead. The business can use what it needs, when it’s needed. No downtime, and no need to retrain each time the last hire leaves. In fact, most agency partners that have had a long tenure with a business client know more about the business than the folks that actually work there – after all, they’re the ones who have been consistently and systematically communicating about the company to both external and internal audiences for years. If I was the CEO of a business, I’d at the very least, want the stability and objectivity of a professional agency with specific industry knowledge, expertise and experience that offers that high-level strategy, as well as the ability to seamlessly execute with the most contemporary and proven techniques and tactics.

The ability to properly communicate a brand to both internal and external audiences makes attracting and retaining talent that much easier as well. Few folks want to work for a company they’ve never heard of, or worse, one with a bad reputation. If your business has very little in the way of external communications, a dated website, no community relations program, or a poor social media presence, attracting the best and brightest is just that much more difficult. Easy to fix with a firm – you give them the assignment. However, more challenging when dealing with folks in house (how many meetings would that take?).

And, when communicating internally, do you have all the tools and the time to most effectively create and disseminate these messages. Are the messages correct and clear? Could you use a little help, even if it’s just some basic logistics and project management assistance? Perhaps there are some needed connections that the agency has to help you plan that perfect event or develop a corporate sponsorship or cause marketing program – or just someone dedicated to sending your team information on possibilities and options. Perhaps you need someone to expertly write something for the myriad of items HR is now tasked with managing and executing. Let an agency lift some burdens and, in fact, suggest that the next time the boss wants to add overhead to the company and more work in training and recruiting for you.

The bottom line is that agency is not perfect, but the perfect agency for ‘you’ is indeed out there, with expertise in your industry and all the skills necessary to competently and consistently help to communicate your brand messages both internally and externally. You owe it your business, your boss and your bottom line to, at the very least, consider an agency partner for some, a little, all, of your communications rather than the constant revolving door, which is particularly an acute problem in the marketing field. And is so troublesome to the successful HR professional.

So, the next time the boss says “hey, will you put an ad out for a PR or marketing or design or website person?” just suggest that you may have a better option or at least an option that could save the business money, and offer more expertise and 100 percent objectively committed to the success of the business. You might just get a raise for being so smart.

About the Author

Roeser is the founder, owner and president of Greater Cleveland and Greater Cincinnati premier brand marketing communications agency, The Eisen Agency. Named Cincinnati PRSA Large Agency of the Year in 2013, his firm has twice been named a Cincinnati Business Courier Fast 55 (#3 in 2009, #9 in 2011) and twice named a Cincinnati Business Courier Best Places to Work. In 2010, his firm earned a TriState Success Award as one of Cincinnati’s 35 Most Successful Businesses. His firm was twice named an Emerging 30 Business by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. In 2010, Roeser was named PR Professional of the Year by the Greater Cincinnati PRSA Chapter where he served as president in 2005. His firm earned Inc. 5000 honors in 2012 as one of the 5000 fastest growing small businesses in the US. Roeser was also awarded a prestigious C-Suite Award by Lead Magazine in 2014, and in 2013 was honored as a top social media expert by Cleveland’s SmartBusiness Magazine and their SoMe Impact Award and is currently a member of the Cleveland PRSA.



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Eisen Named Cincinnati’s Top PR Firm


For Release

Media Contact:                 Natalie Hansman, The Eisen Agency



                                                Twitter @ EisenHotNews

The Eisen Agency Named 2013 Cincinnati PRSA Large Agency of the Year

Greater Cincinnati’s Premier PR Firm Earns Six Awards Total

Newport, KY – November 18, 2013 – During the 2013 Cincinnati Chapter of the Public Relations of Society of America Blacksmith Awards Gala, Greater Cincinnati public relations firm The Eisen Agency was named 2013 PRSA Large Agency of the Year. The firm also took home Silver Blacksmith honors for Best Media Relations Campaign, Best Community Relations Campaign, Best Research, Best Media Placement and Bronze honors for Best Blog.

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Roto-Rooter featured on MSNBC

great to see our favorite plumbing client featured on MSNBC. how’s your national pr going? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/49571328/ns/business-small_business/t/franchises-get-halloween-spirit/#.UJfNJoZ42So

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2012/2013 Greater Cincinnati Media Guide Available FREE

FOR RELEASE                                              


Contact:               Blair Adkins

The Eisen Agency



Twitter @ EisenHotNews

Facebook @ The Eisen Agency

Top Cincinnati Public Relations Firm Offers 2012/2013 Cincinnati Media Relations Guide

The Eisen Agency provides local businesses, organizations with current contacts and media relations tips


Cincinnati, OH – June 20, 2012 – Greater Cincinnati’s premier marketing and public relations firm The Eisen Agency continues to help small businesses and non-profit organizations and is offering a comprehensive Greater Cincinnati media guide to anyone that requests one – free of charge. The 2012/2013 Greater Cincinnati Media Guide includes the most current listings of all media professionals and outlets throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. It also offers advice on pitching to the local media, and tips on writing effective press releases, bylined articles and media alerts.

The media guide is designed to assist small businesses and other organizations who choose to “do it themselves” when attempting to create more awareness about their organization. Businesses with limited marketing budgets can gain access to the beat reporters related to their industry.

The Eisen Agency president Rodger Roeser said, “We believe it’s important to give back to our community, and we understand that not all businesses and non-profits can afford to hire a professional firm. We want small businesses throughout Greater Cincinnati to succeed, therefore we provide the media guide each year in an effort to help those organizations share the great stories of the people and businesses of Cincinnati.”

For more information and to access free copies of the 2012 Media Guide, go to Facebook keyword: The Eisen Agency or call 859.291.4302. The guide is also available for download at CincinnatiPublicRelations.com or at www.TheEisenAgency.com under the DIY section.




About The Eisen Agency                                                                    

The Eisen Agency is the largest, fully integrated investor and public relations firm in Greater Cincinnati, and works with organizations to assist them in their growth initiatives. One of the nation’s foremost innovators in public relations and social media, The Eisen Agency develops, implements and manages the growth and reputation of brands in the retail, restaurant, automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial, real estate, healthcare, construction, industrial, professional services, and government sectors. More information can be accessed at http://www.TheEisenAgency.com or by calling 859.291.4302.


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Eisen featured on Cincy Chic

because we’re chic, of course!


Speaking Easy with Eisen
A Cincinnati PR firm was looking for a way to better facilitate connections between Cincinnati professionals. Keep reading to see how they are heating up business over cold ones.



Given the agency’s location and owner and president Rodger Roeser’s love of craft beers, it’s no surprise that the Newport-based Eisen Agency decided on creating a series of recurring speakeasy events as a way to casually network with local professionals.


“The building we are in was actually part of the 1920s ‘gangster and sin city culture,’ and it’s interesting to share some of that nostalgia,” Roeser says. “So, knowing that I personally have an affinity to crafting my own signature beers, it seemed like a fun concept to share our love for fine, handcrafted beers and building connections among a group of professionals who can speak casually and network, have some fun and meet some fellow business leaders and area movers and shakers.”


The events also tie back into one of the PR agency’s core mantras, says Roeser. “Our firm is about hard work and celebrating that hard work with friends and colleagues,” he says.


To do so, the company will host speakeasy events at its offices at 4 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month, each with a different featured drink on tap. The first event, which will be on June 13, will also welcome members of the Newport Gangsters, who will add historical context of the firm’s building.


This first event will use summer as its muse, and the drink chosen for the even reflects that well, says Roeser. “We’ll be tapping our Eisen Starry Night summer ale, which is just an awesome, crisp and flavorful summer ale to kick off the summer,” he says. “Each event will be detailed on our website at www.EisenSpeakEasy.com, and we’ll be sharing tasting notes, pairings and a host of other fun networking opportunities.”


These speakeasies all come back to the vision that businesspeople in the area should be able to get together and talk congenially, with delicious beers in hand, says Roeser.


“We want to create an environment/concept that truly fosters the opportunity for business professionals and leaders to literally ‘speak easy’ about themselves, their businesses, their needs,” he says. “No pressure, no speakers, just an opportunity to meet other great people and enjoy a wonderfully handcrafted beer.”


Fortunately for The Eisen Agency, the events create a win-win situation for both participants and the PR firm. “It gives Eisen an opportunity to show off our package design skills, our event skills, our promotional prowess and even business development efforts, but do so in much more engaging fashion,” says Roeser.


Arguably, the best part of the speakeasy events is that they’re free. (Although the speakeasies are invitation-only, and guests need a password to get through the door, says Roeser.) Businesspeople only need to bring three things to engage with Eisen and the other guests and have a good time. “Bring a thirst, some business cards and a tale,” he says.



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Eisen client named AMA Marketer of the Year

obviously, we’re very proud!

Newport-based Multi-Craft awarded by Cincinnati AMA Multi-Craft named Small Business Marketer of the Year
Media contact: Kelly Gadd
Cincinnati, OH—May 8, 2012—Thursday, May 5 marked the annual Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year award ceremony and dinner. Four categories were presented including: Large Business, Small Business, Nonprofit and Collegiate. Newport-based Multi-Craft was elected the winner of the Small Business Marketer of the Year for their company rebranding campaign.
“Our team has spent the last five years transitioning from providing the high quality printing and mailing services that we have offered since 1955, to diversifying our brand and company to be able to execute every part of our client’s marketing plans over many channels,” stated Multi-Craft president, Deborah Simpson.
Multi-Craft has been a family-owned and operated commercial printer in Cincinnati for more than 55 years. With the internet boom and rapid technology developments seen over the last several years, the company identified the opportunity to expand their service offerings to meet the needs of their clients and embarked on a rebranding campaign. Their submission for Small Business Marketer of the Year included a new brand, website, custom publication, social media and seminar series, as a few of the major components of their new brand.
The company’s new focus on supporting the execution of fully integrated campaigns reflects a greater industry trend and allows their clients greater flexibility in their strategic partnership.
To learn more about Multi-Craft and how they are putting ideas in motion visit: http://www.Multi-Craft.com. Get the most up-to-date news by signing up for the Ideas in Motion newsletter.
About Multi-Craft
Multi-Craft is a privately-held marketing services and support company founded in 1955, providing strategic marketing support, creative and print services, mailing, fulfillment and database management for businesses seeking opportunity and growth in their market. Its focus is to develop solutions with measurable results and ROI for a long-term business partnership. For more information visit: http://www.Multi-Craft.com.


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Eisen President to Address NKU This Evening


Media Contact: Amanda Galloway
The Eisen Agency
Twitter @ EisenHotNews
Facebook @ The Eisen Agency

Eisen Agency Boss to Speak at NKU PRSSA Monthly Meeting
Top National PR Expert Rodger Roeser Speaks to students, aspiring PR professionals

Cincinnati, OH—March 6, 2012 –Greater Cincinnati’s foremost expert in public relations and small business marketing, Rodger Roeser, president and owner of Greater Cincinnati’s premier PR firm, The Eisen Agency will share his expertise with aspiring students. The Northern Kentucky University Public Relations Student Society of America monthly meeting will take place March 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM.

“As we prepare to start careers in PR, we have a lot of questions.” said Rebecca Potzner, NKU PRSSA president. “We are excited to hear Rodger’s stories and learn what to expect from a successful professional.”

Roeser will share his experience in public relations with the students and answer questions they have about finding jobs after college. “I believe it is important for students to know and understand what the field is really like” said Roeser. “It can be painstakingly hard to find a job in today’s market. I am happy to answer the student’s questions and offer tips and pointers on starting their careers in PR.”

For more information on Rodger Roeser and the Eisen Agency visit http://www.TheEisenAgency.com

About Rodger Roeser

Rodger Roeser is the owner and president of Greater Cincinnati’s premier investor and public relations firm, The Eisen Agency. A 2011 Smart Business Pillar Award winner, twice named a Business Courier Fast55 and NKY Chamber Emerging 30 Business, and honored with numerous industry awards, The Eisen Agency is the most award winning public relations firm in Greater Cincinnati. Roeser was named 2010 PRSA PR Professional of the Year, and served as Cincinnati Chapter president in 2005 and is the founder of the chapter’s Blacksmith Awards. He is the national chairman of the Public Relations Agency Owners Association, and the host of national online radio show “That Marketing Show.”

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