Flamingo Air Appointed as Official Flight Training Center

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Cincinnati Based Flamingo Air Appointed as Official Flight Training Center for American Airlines

Cincinnati, OH – December 18, 2017 – Cincinnati based aviation education leader Flamingo Air has been selected as a training center for American Airlines. Citing the critical pilot shortage within the aviation industry, American Airlines has established a cadet program to ease the personnel shortage within the industry.

PSA, a subsidiary of American Airlines is the first step of the program and offers immense opportunities for new-hire pilots, according to Flamingo Air president Sharon McGee. In addition to an enhanced compensation package of up to $60,000 for entry level positions, being part of American Airlines gives advancement opportunities and benefits. Additionally, American Airlines offers a $20,000 bonus after the first year, a $21,000 signing bonus for qualified pilots, a $5,000 referral bonus, a $3,000.00 commuter allowance, flow through to American Airlines within 6 years, medical benefits, flight benefits, profit sharing and training expense reimbursement.

McGee explains that there are eight steps to the program. 1) Complete your Private Pilot Certificate; 2) Interview and become a Cadet; 3) Final Interview and become a Senior Cadet; 4) Complete CFI & become a Cadet Instructor; 5) Begin tuition reimbursement; 6) Complete ATP/CTP course taught & paid for by PSA; 7) Hired as a PSA First Officer; and 8) Flow to American Airlines.

“Flamingo Air is proud to have been selected as a sanctioned training facility for PSA/American Airlines,” McGee says. “It is a prestigious honor and a highly visible recognition. It will bring folks from all over to world to Greater Cincinnati to train, and that means jobs not only here but across the country and around the world.”

Contact information:

Sharon McGee

Academy President






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