Five Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Marketing Professional Needs to Know

Five Cool Tools Every Real Estate Marketing Rock Star Needs to Understand


By Marina Nasonti, The Eisen Agency


Not only has the real estate industry made a huge comeback, but investors, builders, homebuyers and sellers are again making money in the market. So, being the recognized as the go to realtor continues to be critical to success, and being smarter in the marketing efforts that augment the referral is paramount. And, in our day and age with millennials not being seduced into to becoming a homebuyer, attracting younger buyers is truly a challenge – even with superior marketing efforts. Realtors need to heavily rely on attracting customers not only through social media promotion and engagement, but real estate apps including, Zillow and Vert. After all, this is the generation that developed alongside the Internet.


At leading real estate marketing firm, The Eisen Agency, we thrive on being successful leaders in today’s fast moving global marketplace, and have the time, energy and expertise to focus on individual industries and great marketing tools to marry those strategically and tactically to the benefit of our clientele. Each of our executive’s knowledge and expertise span across a wide variety of industries – from travel to real estate – so our team’s expertise is our client’s advantage. Here are five cool tools every real estate marketing rock star needs to understand in 2016.


  1. Buffer

This simple analytics platform is the best way to decrease social media time, increase engagement and drive traffic to your organization’s website. This interface allows you to share content across multiple social media platforms and accounts. Buffer uses data specific to real estate to analyze and distribute your published post during the best times of the day. The platform also allows you to add photos and videos or use their new tool, Pablo to visualize your post. Pablo creates social media images, allowing users to choose different templates and fonts. So, save yourself a few hours each week and purchase Buffer.




  1. it allows businesses and professionals to discover, curate and publish a wide array of content to increase visibility and drive visitors to their website. This platform not only allows you to collect articles on specific content but search millions of users and topic boards related to the real estate industry. And, this tool integrates with Facebook and Twitter, sharing your curated content with the click of your mouse.




  1. Klear

Klear is a social intelligence platform that serves as a sophisticated influencer search engine. This platform can connect you to the right people around the world and become a very successful networking tool. It will also analyze your engagement, performance, benchmark your landscape and provide insight so you can stay ahead of the curve.



  1. Canva

Producing engaging content and producing it consistently are two large obstacles when it comes to implementing a marketing plan effectively. If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool, loaded with features to create visually engaging content to share with your audience, you have found it. From magazine covers to social media ads, Canva has you covered.









  1. Propertybase

Propertybase is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that is user-friendly, versatile and flexible. This software allows real estate marketers to capture leads, send branded email campaigns, manage listings and track an offer to closing. So focus on real estate and let Propertybase focus on maximizing your visibility and providing value to your clients.



And, while this is by no means an exhaustive list of every “cool” tool out there, it’s a good sampling of some of the whiz bang tools our team uses to the advantage of our clientele. As in in house marketing executive or small business owner, having an outside agency that is dedicated to constantly finding better ways to share your message and grow your business efficiently is a tremendous competitive advantage.


About the Author


Marina Nasonti is an account manager with leading national marketing and public relations consultancy The Eisen Agency. With offices in Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland, The Eisen Agency represents clientele across the country who strive to grow their business and organization more efficiently, lowering overhead costs and increasing expertise through outsourced agency/client strategic partnerships. Nasonti is a graduate of Kent State University. More information can be accessed at










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