For Small Non-Profit, Agency Partner Helps Cast a Wider Net


An Eisen Case StudyHeimlich Heroes 072

Many small non-profits lack the internal resources needed to accomplish all of the organization’s PR and marketing goals. That was the case for Heimlich Heroes,™ an interactive, educational program, designed for kids ages seven and older. The program teaches students the signs of choking, ways to prevent or minimize the risk of choking, and how and when to respond with the Heimlich Maneuver.

“As a young, small non-profit, we did not have the internal resources needed to put out press releases or pitch articles and media interviews to our markets across the country,” said Terri Huntington, Heimlich Heroes Program Manager. “We were doing some initiatives locally, but needed help reaching the broader audience.”

Heimlich Heroes, a Deaconess initiative, partnered with The Eisen Agency to assist with strategic planning, national public relations efforts, proactive media outreach and content development.

As Heimlich Heroes experienced, one of the many benefits of partnering with an agency is that agencies generally have the tools, experience, expertise and people to meet the variety of needs presented by the client. This can be especially true of a non-profit organization that may not have the necessary internal staff or funds.

“Eisen’s expertise and resources focus on public relations, a very specialized marketing niche,” said Huntington. “With an agency on board, we get a broader creative perspective, and they think outside of our boxes. A team that communicates and works well together is always stronger than the individual.”

Heimlich Heroes has been working with The Eisen Agency for more than two years. With collaborative efforts, the expanded visibility has increased the demand for this unique training program by more than 2,000% in that time.

In addition, overall visibility for Heimlich Heroes has increased from two to 47 states.

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