Successful Businesswoman Now Author Shares Proven Strategies to Advance Women in the Workplace

June 29, 2016- With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Author JJ DiGeronimo offers a series of proven techniques to guide working women toward their desired professional goals.

In DiGeronimo’s second book, Accelerate Your Impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path, she shares action-oriented strategies specifically for working women on how to maneuver the professional landscape to accelerate one’s professional path. The book includes how to identify career sponsors, boost one’s self-efficacy, and even shares critical insight on how to minimize or even avoid common career pitfalls.

“I’m no stranger to navigating the twists and turns of moving from entry-level positions to leadership,” said DiGeronimo. “I’ve learned firsthand that securing the next position, a board seat, or even starting a new initiative often requires women to enhance their relevance, establish new sponsors and expand their network.”

“JJ’s objective is to create a playbook for professional women to make their goals a reality and she completely nails it,” said Jeffery Tobias Halter, author and president of YWomen.  “It is a must read for every professional women AND for every man who manages, works for or works with women. If an organization wants a complete how-to guide to enable women to thrive, this is the book.”

Accelerate Your Impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path is set to be released in August. The book will be available via and Retail price is $22.95. A preorder signed copy can be purchased at:

To learn more about JJ DiGeronimo, as well as upcoming book signings and events, visit




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