Organization Says Program is Great for Summer Camps

Cincinnati, OH-June 14, 2016- Heimlich Heroes™, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit teaches kids how to prevent, recognize, and respond to a choking emergency. The organization says their free program is a fun activity for summer camps.

The training-in-a-box program provides all the materials, including 42″ training dolls for hands-on practice. It takes about an hour to run the program and it’s designed for kids ages 7-14.

“Our program takes a scary event and makes it compelling to learn about,” said program manager, Terri Huntington. “The program can be taught anywhere and is a perfect blend of education, engagement and fun for summer camps.”

To receive extra instruction on how to run the program, camp leaders can register for the Heimlich Heroes Train-The-Trainer webinar on June 28th, 2016.

“Learning and teaching the maneuver is a new experience for many people,” said Huntington. “The webinar supplies a boost of confidence so trainers can feel prepared for their training day.”

Heimlich Heroes’ interactive program aims to eliminate preventable choking deaths and the organization encourages summer camps to train their students.

To learn more and register your summer camp visit


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