Are You Resistant to Change? Hiring an Agency Can Provide a Fresh Perspective

fa_full_logoAn Eisen Case Study

Oftentimes, even when a business recognizes that they need to shake things up in order to grow, they are hesitant to bite the bullet. Change is scary. Many people resist it, especially those that have been doing the same things for so long. Fortunately, our client, Flamingo Air, realized that change is exactly what they needed.

“We wanted to re-do our website,” said Dave MacDonald, President of Flamingo Air. “We were thinking about hiring an agency to help, but we are old school. And we were resistant to change. However, we also knew we needed something more modern and up-to-date, and that someone else had to provide that perspective for us.”

After meeting with Flamingo Air, Eisen recommended that if they were going to update the website, they should also freshen up their overall brand to provide more consistency.

But Flamingo already had a plan – we just need a new website. “That was all we wanted to do. We really thought that was all we needed. But the agency made some excellent recommendations that we weren’t even thinking of.”

Eisen and Flamingo worked together to launch a new look and incorporate it into not only the website, but into the logos of the company’s various lines of business, new collateral pieces and even the lobby area of Flamingo’s office space.

“The great thing about working with an agency is that they provide comprehensive and integrated services. Eisen has the branding expertise, graphic design capabilities and a creative eye. It’s so valuable to us to have access to this wide range of skills and to folks that are experts in the marketing field.”

Dave adds that although he had trepidations in the beginning about hiring a marketing partner, he is glad to have stuck with it.

“Now we have the agency handling our public relations efforts, our content and our social media, and we’ve gotten more exposure than ever. The team is a trusted partner, always offering options and suggestions – and perhaps most importantly, honest feedback – on how to improve our business.”


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