Girl Scout troops say Heimlich Heroes Program is Impactful

Cincinnati, OH- May 12, 2016- Heimlich Heroes has made a major impact to many Girl Scout troops across the nation. The program teaches children how to recognize, respond to, and prevent a choking emergency.

The organization’s training-in-a-box is easy to use and age appropriate with learning materials for different age groups.

“I absolutely loved the training experience,” said Girl Scout troop leader Maria Cabanit. “I loved that all the materials were sent right to me and everything was already set to go. I also loved how age appropriate it was. All my girls aren’t on the same reading level, so it was nice they could all follow along with the video.”

Heimlich Heroes goal is to empower kids and to reduce preventable choking deaths. The program is designed with a video lesson and hands-on experience through training dolls so that trainees will be ready in a real choking emergency.

“The girls felt empowered that although they were young, they had the knowledge and confidence to now save children and adults from choking,” said Brownie troop leader Meredith Turner.

Users find the program perfect for schools, clubs and groups because it is free of charge and educational for students.

“I am excited to tell people how wonderful the program is and how it can help children,” said Cabanit. “Thank you for such a wonderful program. I am so happy to have found Heimlich Heroes!”

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