Roto-Rooter Launches Aggressive National Campaign to Attract Talented Plumbers

Cincinnati, OH – March 22, 2016 – Roto-Rooter has launched an aggressive recruitment campaign to address the current need for skilled plumbers in America. The company is experiencing great demand for its plumbing services, and if enough skilled plumbers were available, Roto-Rooter would hire at least 500 this year, system-wide, say officials. Other companies are facing similar shortages.

Plumbing is one of the most attractive career paths in the U.S. right now because of high demand, excellent salaries, flexible work schedules and on the job paid training. And there is great demand because plumbers are retiring faster than they can be replaced in the workforce.

“This is a serious concern for the industry right now,” stated Roto-Rooter director of public relations Paul Abrams. “We need to attract new talent and fill the pipeline with skilled professionals.”

A career in plumbing has tremendous growth and income potential, while offering great benefits and a good working environment.

·         Average salary for a plumber in the United States in 2014 was $54,620

·         You do not need a college degree to become a licensed plumber

·         You receive paid on-the-job training

·         There are a number of advancement opportunities once you’re in the field

Check out these videos Roto-Rooter put together to urge more people to take advantage of this rewarding career opportunity.

Although it’s a male-dominated field, plumbing is female-friendly: 

See why Military Veterans make great plumbers: 

A career without a college degree can offer tremendous growth potential: 

For more information and to schedule an interview one of our top Roto-Rooter plumbers, please contact:

esta Lewis

The Eisen Agency, on behalf of Roto-Rooter



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