Agency Advantage Series Installment #2: Ability to Afford the Best and Brightest

Agency Advantage Series

By Rodger Roeser


In our six part series that explains the many benefits of working with an agency rather than increasing overhead and staff in house to handle non-core, marketing related duties, we aim to educate businesses and brands, both large and small, as to the many advantages of having agency representation. Over the past decade, we have seen a fairly significant shift in businesses hiring more and more internal staff, verses outsourcing these tasks to an agency.

And, while we understand and appreciate why it may seem attractive to house all these folks internally, this series seeks to debunk a number of myths of internal placement, and give business owners and in house marketing executives a viable, and in our opinion better, alternative to additional internal hiring and the time and effort of that practice. The key to each of these is having a good, solid and trustworthy agency that fits and understands your business – not a vendor, but a trusted and valued partner in success.

  1. Able to Have the Best/Brightest

It may be one of the most difficult things a business leader or supervisor must deal with – finding, training and retaining good talent. There are thousands of articles from HR experts on how best to go about this, but the fact remains, chances are your SMB can’t quite attract the type of talent that a Coca-Cola or professional sports team or pick a dream job business that exists out there. Because of this, you are in most cases forced to raise your salary to exorbitant rates or settle for lesser talent. Even if you have special days, offer great benefits and a host of other things, attracting the best and brightest marketing executives internally to your tool and die manufacturing business is unlikely – it just ain’t Madison Avenue. And, while we’re sure your business is awesome, attracting top marketing talent is tough.

True, some folks prefer to work in certain types of environments – be it the type of business or size of business – but in all reality, if you’re having trouble attracting the best and the brightest, which is the case for most marketing executives in SMB, you’re hurting your business. But, you CAN have the best and the brightest with agency help. Good agencies are filled with experienced, expert and amazingly creative and talented professionals whose sole objective is to bring that expertise and experience to their clients – regardless of industry or size. You want Madison Avenue thinking and ideas and creativity for your SMB? Hire a good agency that has experience and expertise in that industry – and you know what? Likely, it will still cost less than the entry level person.

Think pragmatically – regardless of choosing agency or in house – you still have to “buy stuff.” Placing a series of ads will cost the same, buying collateral will cost the same, creating a video will cost the same and a trade show will cost the same. All of these “things” associated with the marketing of the business will still cost the same, but now you have experienced, expert representation managing it, laying out the strategy, developing copy, proactively creating fresh ideas and proven programs, and offering executive (objective) counsel. Instead of “telling” your marketing team what to do, your marketing agency proactively advises what to do – and executes – all to the objective benefit toward the growth and success of your business and success.


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