Local Children’s Program Announces Goal in 2016

Cincinnati, Ohio- January 13, 2016- Heimlich Heroes™, a local interactive educational program, sets a new goal to train 50,000 kids nationwide in 2016. The training teaches kids how to administer the Heimlich Maneuver®.

The organization’s new goal more than doubles its 2015 year-end total of 17,000 trained kids. With training programs in schools and nationally recognized youth organizations, Heimlich Heroes™ is making a significant impact.

“We want Heimlich Heroes™ to reach as many children as possible and eliminate preventable choking deaths,” said Program Manager, Terri Huntington. “Last year, four students who participated in the program went on to save lives. Our program is making a difference and that encourages us to set high standards.”

More than 25,000 kids to date have completed the Heimlich Heroes™ training program across the nation. To widen the scope of service, a Spanish edition will be added later this year.

“Training young people in all cities, states and even countries is important to our mission,” said Huntington. “Having a Spanish translation is a necessary step to help us accomplish that goal. We are very excited to expand our program in this way.”


About Heimlich Heroes
Heimlich Heroes is a Deaconess Initiative that teaches children how to recognize, respond and prevent a choking situation. This free program teaches a life-saving technique and empowers young people to view themselves as potential heroes. To learn more about the program or to register your school or organization, visit http://www.heimlichheroes.com.

Media Contact:
Morgan Abercrombie
The Eisen Agency

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