Did You Know? December is National Procrastination Month

House Doctors Survey Proves Procrastination When it comes to Home Improvement

December is National Procrastination Month


Cincinnati, OH – December 1, 2015 – December is not just about Santa, presents and holiday cheer. It’s also National Procrastination Month, a different kind of holiday devoted to procrastinating and putting off important tasks.


If some of those tasks involve ignoring your honey-do and list and putting off projects around the house, you’re not alone. Handyman service provider House Doctors recently surveyed 500 married and single men and women across the country to find out more about their habits involving home improvement projects. Here are some interesting insights from that survey:


We usually put off what we don’t want to do. According to the survey, the home improvement projects respondents dread most are:  Plumbing (57.8%) and Electrical (46.2%), followed by Tile (21.6%) and Drywall (28.9%).


Many times a home improvement project is started and not completed. When it comes to unfinished projects around the house, more than 57% of respondents have at least one unfinished project that they’ve started this year alone; more than 20% have at least three projects underway that have not been completed.


And, it’s no surprise that time – followed closely by procrastination – is the biggest factor in why projects around the house take longer than expected to complete. Thirty-nine percent of respondents are just too busy and don’t have the time to DIY; nearly 38% admit that they simply are procrastinators; 27.6% confess that they have no idea what they’re doing.


Survey results also provide insight as to why people do or don’t DIY, when they need to call in professionals and top projects planned for 2016. The view more results from the survey, access: https://www.housedoctors.com/blog/2016-home-improvement-survey/



About House Doctors

House Doctors provides professional handyman and light remodeling services to homeowners and commercial properties across the nation. Under new ownership, House Doctors is now franchising across the U.S. and has corporate headquarters in Milford, Ohio. For more information on House Doctors, or to find a local House Doctors service provider, visit: www.housedoctors.com.


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Cresta Lewis




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