Flamingo Air Launches Worker Bee Drone Training Service at Lunken Airport

Flamingo Air Announces Launch of Worker Bee Drone Training

First program of its kind in Ohio designed to educate and train drone operators


CINCINNATI – DECEMBER 2, 2015 – Flamingo Air is pleased to announce the launch of its newest training division, Worker Bee Drones. The primary focus of this division is to educate and train drone operators on how to safely and responsibly operate in the National Airspace System (NAS), as well as to advise local communities on how drones are being regulated.


The most controversial new area of aviation is Drone operations.  These Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are already being utilized in the agriculture, real estate and emergency response markets, as well as by news media outlets. The most unforeseen aspect of this area of aviation is the need to educate and train operators on the safety surrounding this new technology. As a leader in the aviation community, Flamingo Air is focused on filling that need with its Worker Bee Drone Training.


“The Federal Aviation Administration expects nearly 700,000 new drones to enter our national airspace by the end of 2015,” stated Sharon McGee, Flamingo Air President. “We want to ensure that all drone operators learn how to professionally, safely and responsibly operate in our National Air Space System while following FAA laws, regulations and safety standards.”


The Worker Bee Drone Training Program is a two-day, 16-hour curriculum that meets drone certification and operation standards set by the FAA for the drone industry. The program is designed for all enthusiasts of this industry – from the beginner to the advanced operator.


Education in Drone Safety, Rules and Regulations, Airspace and Flight Training is provided by FAA certified Instructor Pilots. Each student will be issued a new professional drone featuring a 4K camera and UHD video recording system.


Flamingo Air is currently accepting students for this exciting new program, the first of its kind in Ohio. For more information on Worker Bee Drone Training, visit www.flamingoair.net  or call 513-321-7465.



About Flamingo Air

Since 1991, Flamingo Air has been taking future professional and hobbyist pilots on their next adventure. Located at Cincinnati’s historic Lunken Airport, Flamingo Air is home to Sightseeing Tours, Flight School, the world-class Airline Ground Schools and its newest program, Worker Bee Drone Training. For more information, visit www.flamingoair.net, or contact them at thecaptain@flamingoair.net.


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