We’ve Celebrated Labor Day, But Is Your Advertising Working for You?

Cincinnati, OH — September 8, 2015 – September is a month filled with commemorations and specials days. Nearly every day throughout the month shares some type of event or promotion, and experts at Cincinnati based marketing and media firm Platinum Marketing Group say that tie-ins with events can make invested advertising dollars work harder and smarter.

Platinum Marketing Group President Kim Wiest says, “Media buying and planning is like laying out a plan to build a home or create a beautiful landscape, but without the products, without the labor, all you really have is ideas on paper. You first need the goals and ideas, but you have to actually work and put in the time to see the results. You need a great plan, then you need to work the plan.”

Wiest suggests that monthly events and promotional tie-ins are a great place to start making advertising work. While September is perhaps best known for Labor Day, it is actually brimming with other tie-in promotions such as Healthy Aging Month, Skin Care Awareness Month, and who could forget Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. Platinum Marketing Group is taking their own advice and taking advantage of “Sneakers at Work Day” on September 17th, and leading a sneaker drive called “Platinum Treads” to help benefit a local charity.

“Have fun with your promotions. Plan them out and do something creative. Perhaps most importantly, if you don’t have the time or the skill, in the true spirit of Labor Day, hire someone who does, like PMG,” Wiest says. “We have comprehensive advertising calendars and the ability to tie in to programs and promotions like familiar Back to School events, or obscure things like Constitution Week, that can really put your advertising to work.”

Wiest added that while it is only September, her companies’ focus is already on Christmas. She advises smart business leaders charged with growth to start work on their fourth quarter plan the week after Labor Day. “Think smart. Think results,” Wiest says.

About Platinum Marketing Group

With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio and clientele across the country, Platinum Marketing Group designs and implements strategic marketing and media planning and buying programs in a variety of traditional and leading edge media. For more information, access http://www.ThinkPMG.com.


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