The Dragonfly Foundation Celebrates Five Years, $5 Million Local Impact

CINCINNATI, OH – August 10, 2015 – On August 10th, The Dragonfly Foundation celebrates their Fifth Anniversary of bringing comfort and joy to young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients (from birth to age 30) and their family members. The organization’s mission is simple: to bring comfort and joy.

The organization has built a range of programs, services and multiple weekly event opportunities to ease the emotional pain, fear and sense of isolation that often accompanies diagnosis, treatment and long-term recovery. Today, The Dragonfly Foundation serves more than 3,000 “Dragonflies,” and has helped enhance the patient experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Cancer & Blood Diseases Institute and Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio, and Lurie Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

“The Dragonfly Foundation… has always come through for our patients and families,” said Dr. John P. Perentesis, FAAP, Director, Division of Oncology and Cancer Programs, Executive Co-Director, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “The foundation has touched innumerable lives of our patients and families with visiting celebrities and in-hospital events, purchase of laptops for links to families and schools events, development of family support packets and amenities, new toys and books – the list is extraordinary for such a new organization.”

“We know first-hand how these families suffer,” said Dragonfly President and co-founder Christine Neitzke. “We couldn’t look away.”

“We are grateful to our donors, supporters and volunteers for making our Dragonflies feel loved,” said Ria Davidson, Vice President and co-founder. “Thanks to them, we have become more than a non-profit, we have become a family.”
The Dragonfly Foundation invites those interested in volunteering or learning more about the organization to attend an orientation session on August 12th. More information can be accessed at or via email at .

To make a donation, please visit the website or text TDF to 91999.


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