Wilmington Savings Bank Rebrands with Eisen

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Iconic Wilmington Business Gets New Look

Finishing Touches Being Put on Wilmington Savings Bank

Wilmington, OH – July 13, 2015 – No doubt, residents have been seeing some changes at the iconic two story brick building at 184 North South Street, both inside and out. Wilmington Savings Bank, celebrating its 125th Anniversary throughout the year, unveiled its new sign [last week] on the heels of the development of their new look.

And while the community has likely seen the new logo, website, newspaper ads and social media sites come to life, the birthing of this new brand was several months in the making. “We’re very happy with the direction of the new logo and the new look,” bank president Tom Burns said. “The feedback from the community, our customers and our team has been overwhelmingly positive. We believe this new look truly captures who we are, but perhaps most importantly clarifies ‘why’ we are here.”

Burns referred to the bedrock concept of the new brand which focuses on the importance of community, and the role banks traditionally play as a cornerstone of a warm, welcoming and thriving area. The branding was developed by Greater Cincinnati based branding and communications firm The Eisen Agency, which specializes in brand development for professional services businesses and financial institutions.

The Eisen Agency CEO Rodger Roeser explains that the creation of the new look and logo are part of an ongoing process to help the bank better communicate and engage with customers and the community at large. “I would invite everyone to draw their own conclusions as to what the new logo means and what the inspiration is behind it,” Roeser said. “The logo and all the external things should be an accurate reflection of the experience with the bank. A logo can be interpreted in many different ways, but the most important part is conveying the understanding that the bank appreciates our customers, loves our community, and that we strive to help this community continue to grow.”

Residents may engage with the bank on their new Facebook page, filled with financial tips and information, as well as community news. Burns added that if anyone wants to share an idea or needs some help, he encourages them to visit.


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