Heimlich Heroes Continues to Impact Communities

East Holmes County School Nurse shares Heimlich Heroes Benefits and Teachings                                                           

Millersburg, OH-April 7, 2015- East Holmes County School Nurse, Tami Bucklew has adopted the Heimlich Heroes program and used with more than 600 participants including elementary school students, parents, and bus drivers in Millersburg, OH. Millersburg is an Amish village in Holmes County, Ohio.

Bucklew saw an article about the Heimlich Heroes program and requested training for the students in Holmes County.  The first training took place in 2013 at Wise Elementary School, a school for Amish students. The rural community will complete over 10 trainings by May 2015.

“We have a large number of Amish families within our county that are not exposed to the media,” said Tami. “The Heimlich Heroes program allows our community to learn this important life-saving skill with accessible materials.”

 Heimlich Heroes is designed to instruct young people how to perform the Heimlich maneuver in case of a choking emergency. Developed by experts at Cincinnati based Deaconess Associations, Inc. with support from the Heimlich Institute, the Heimlich Heroes program is empowering young people to save lives across the country.

“I have received amazing feedback on the Heimlich Heroes training from both students and staff,” said Bucklew. “The students are even sharing the hands-on teaching techniques with their families and friends. The training builds confidence in the students and empowers them to see themselves as true heroes.”


About Heimlich Heroes

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Heimlich Heroes program is a Deaconess initiative that teaches kids as young as seven how to become a hero by learning to perform the Heimlich maneuver correctly in order to save a life. To learn more or find out how to bring Heimlich Heroes to your school or organization, please visit www.heimlichheroes.com



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