Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Greater Cincinnati Learn Life-Saving Technique

Boy Scouts Training

Cincinnati, OH-March 10, 2015- Heimlich Heroes trained Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Greater Cincinnati on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. The training taught 32 children how to recognize the signs of choking, perform the Heimlich maneuver, and identify ways to prevent and minimize the risk of choking.

“The Heimlich Heroes program follows a principle that we encourage in instructing: tell, show, do,” says Richard Riccardi, Boy Scouts Master. “Heimlich Heroes did a great job of putting those three elements together which allowed the Boy Scouts to engage in a lot of different ways.”

Developed by experts at Cincinnati based Deaconess Associations, Inc. with support from the Heimlich Institute, the Heimlich Heroes program creates an easy, interactive, and engaging experience when teaching children how to save a life. Program designers explain that with Halloween approaching, it’s important for young people to learn the signs of choking, as well as the proper way to perform the Heimlich maneuver

“I would definitely recommend this training to other Scout leaders,” says Tina Worley, Girl Scout Troop Leader. “I thought the video, note-taking pamphlet, and the hands on learning experience were a perfect way for the life-saving technique to really connect with the girls.

About Heimlich Heroes Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Heimlich Heroes program is a Deaconess initiative that teaches kids as young as seven how to become a hero by learning to perform the Heimlich maneuver correctly in order to save a life. To learn more or find out how to bring Heimlich Heroes to your school or organization, please visit


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