2015 Greater Cincinnati Restaurant Tour: Buckhead Mountain Grill in Bellevue

Okay, usually we don’t visit “chain” type restaurants for our review, but since there are only three locations we decided to share our review of Buckhead Mountain Grille. It’s conveniently located in Bellevue on the main drag, over by Joe’s Crab Shack and Urban Actives. It’s a great place when the weather is warmer as sitting outside at Buckhead is a great visual experience. It looks like a big lodge, so going there in the winter is actually pretty nifty, as you’re greeted by that “log cabin” type of atmosphere.

You’re greeted by friendly wait staff at the intro kiosk, and behind you is a an enormous square bar and some high boy tables. Plenty of big screen TVs fill the room with any manner of sports talk going on in the background. The beer selection is good, and features plenty of standard favorites on tap. If you’re craft beer tapper, this may not be the best spot to stop off for a pint. There is also ample seating, the place is quite large and the staff is pretty johnny on the spot.

The biggest negative about Buckhead was how loud it was. I mean, it was loud and very, very difficult to hear even the person you’re sitting next too. Because of the high ceilings and the massive glass windows, sound just seems to bounce everywhere. It didn’t help that our waiter had a very soft voice — so we spent most of lunch reading lips (which is gross if you have food in your mouth!). If they could find a way to bring down the overall ambient noise, Buckhead would be a much better experience.

The food is good, i wouldn’t call it anything special or spectacular, just good food from these types of restaurants that have that Applebee’s, Friday’s, O’Charlie’s thing going on. I have the bison burger, which was quite good, although not even in the same universe as the Lucky Duck (review coming shortly). The chili (it was normal chili, not that godforsaken Cincinnati chili) but it was less than stellar — quite bland and watered down. Overall, the food was “fine,” but again nothing you would say “”WOW! this is really good.” it’s a fine place to take a client or coworker, provided you have nothing to talk about, because you can’t really hear each other (really, it’s that loud).

But, if you’re jonesin for a loud version of Applebee’s, this is the perfect spot.


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