2015 Greater Cincinnati Food Tour is Back!!

Welcome to January in the Queen City, home of some of the best food and foodies anywhere in the country. Our eclectic mix of foods and tastes, and the entrepreneurs willing to take the risk and open up a restaurant — we salute you!! And so far in 2015, there are no shortage of great new restaurants that have opened that we’ll be trying and sharing with you. And, if there’s one you think we should try out, send us a note.

Our 2015 tour begins on the Kentucky side of the river in Newport on historic Monmouth Street. A few months after Little Nashville apparently opened and clearly closed (they needed some help in the marketing and operations departments), a nifty new spot with hopes of becoming a hot destination opened in that space called Bourbon & Broad.

Rumor is they’re going to tear down the south wall and essentially double the space. As you enter, you’re greeted by a small bar and a knee wall, hiding a corner stage that faces toward the back of the room. The stage is a nice size for the entertainment that will be gracing our fair town with a number of different types of acts. But, at the Cincinnati Food Tour, we’re all about lunch, business, food and marketing. There was a selection of about 10 highboy tables and off to the side a huge, LONG bar graced the south wall and filled with every libation imaginable. Sparsely decorated and dark, the place seemed clean.

As we sat for lunch, we immediately noticed the cheap menus. In fact, the printing was so bad, it was difficult to read (keep in mind, the place is already fairly dark), but it was also cut off in spaces leaving you wondering what the actual menu item was. That said, they had some interesting collections of what can only be termed bar food. In fact, one of our group asked what the vegetable of the day was and the response was a chuckle-worthy “we don’t have any vegetables here.” That was true — burgers, fries, wings, rings and other things you’d expect. We shared an appetizer of Alligator Eggs (jalapenos poppers) which were good, and each enjoyed a variety of bar type sandwiches and burgers.

Overall, the food was good. Certainly not gourmet, though it makes to pretense to be that way — it’s a great little blue collar place for a cozy dark atmosphere with friends, good bar food at a very reasonable price. Service was a bit slow, but that’s not on the server…..the one and only server…at lunch rush. We’ll chalk that up to growing pains. We were also a bit unclear how the bartender actually got in to her blue dress or how those heels were working out for her for food service, but for the men in the crowd, we’re sure that was a hit.

We’ll have to see how Bourbon & Broad does, but we’re glad to have a new restaurant in Newport. A couple service tweaks here and there, maybe a little more light, a better menu to go along with an updated look and feel, and this could truly be a destination location for barflies looking to enjoy a good combination of New Orleans and Newport.


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