Learn The Heimlich Maneuver In Time For Halloween

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National Heimlich Heroes Week to Raise Awareness in Time for Halloween
Cincinnati, OH – October 6, 2014 – National Heimlich Heroes Week will be celebrated October 27-31 in an effort to raise national awareness about the importance of learning how to respond to choking emergencies. The week also celebrates young heroes who have saved lives by performing the Heimlich maneuver.
Choking is the fifth leading cause of accidental death in the United States. And while most may not consider themselves heroic for performing the Heimlich maneuver, the Heimlich Heroes program is designed to teach children seven years of age and up this important life saving technique. Developed by experts at Cincinnati based Deaconess Associations, Inc. with support from the Heimlich Institute, the Heimlich Heroes program is empowering young people to save lives all across the country.
Program designers explain that with Halloween approaching, it’s important for young people to learn the signs of choking, as well as the proper way to perform the Heimlich maneuver. Before breaking out the hard candy, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the free Heimlich Heroes training program.
“Our goal is to train as many young people as possible on how to recognize the signs of choking and to learn the proper way to perform the Heimlich maneuver,” Heimlich Heroes program manager Terri Huntington says. “Training is simple, free and easily accessible. Investing even just 45 minutes can mean the difference between life and death.”
In celebration of National Heimlich Heroes Week and in preparation for Halloween, free training materials can be accessed at http://www.heimlichheroes.com/anyone. The program is specifically designed to help children, teachers, sitters, parents and other youth leaders become equipped to handle a choking emergency.
About Heimlich Heroes
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Heimlich Heroes program is a Deaconess initiative that teaches kids as young as seven how to become a hero by learning to perform the Heimlich maneuver correctly in order to save a life. To learn more or find out how to bring Heimlich Heroes to your school or organization, please visit http://www.heimlichheroes.com



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