2014 Greater Cincinnati Food Tour: Incline Public House

Last Friday the team ventured west of I-75 to Incline Public House in Price Hill. Named after one of the famous Cincinnati inclines that began operation in 1874, IPH is not only rich in flavor and creativity of menu items–it’s also rich in Cincinnati history and location (with a panoramic view downtown).

I have a lot to say about this restaurant that opened its doors in 2012. First off–the menu. At our table, we ordered entrees ranging from a classic House Burger to a Smoked Prime Rib Dip to a Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese to a Smoked Beet and Portabella sandwich… not to mention hand cut fries and onion rings, Grippos-crusted mac & cheese, salad, soup and a Prosciutto Fig pizza to-go (from their brick oven). I have never been one to use any variation of the phrase “Compliments to the chef,” but seriously, it takes a brilliant and creative mind to not only conjure up the unique food options offered at IPH, but also prepare and cook each dish to literal perfection. Well done.

Another Eisen feast

Another Eisen feast

No problem rolling with my obnoxious requests... No bun, add avocado.

No problem rolling with my obnoxious requests… No bun, add avocado.

I should also mention that in addition to all the classics, staples and favorites, the bar offers an extensive list of local and craft beers–a feature I personally appreciate.

Next, the atmosphere. Inside, the layout and décor is contemporary and relaxed. We were greeted and seated right away, and our server who shares my name was kind and helpful. Outside, where we would have been if not for the rain, is a deck the offers guests one of the best views of downtown Cincinnati. I’m a sucker for a good view…


Even on a cloudy day, the view is outstanding.

Eisen is giving Incline Public House five stars for food, service and general atmosphere. It’s a great place to take clients or just your friends and family–and definitely anyone who might be new to the city… because, oh, that view.

Though we all have different palates and ordered very different meals, the five of us were in unanimous agreement that IPH is our favorite place the 2014 Greater Cincinnati Food Tour has stopped at so far (yes, a mighty claim as we have had some top-notch dining experiences). In fact, our tour may not move onto another stop until we’ve tried everything on the menu here (just kidding… sort of).

IPH bar and brick oven

IPH bar and brick oven

For a restaurant only 2 years old, Incline has made quite a reputation for itself. We see a long and successful future ahead–which makes us happy, because we selfishly crave that food and view in our own futures! Thanks again IPH, we’ll be back soon!


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