2014 Greater Cincinnati Food Tour: Katharina’s

On the corner of Overton and East Sixth Street in residential Newport, Kentucky sits Katharina’s–a café of German heritage serving fresh breakfast, lunch, desserts and coffee. We discovered this gem just a few weeks back while taking a walk during a mid-week lunch break. Curious about the name, we stepped inside. Smitten by the interior, we asked for a business card. It was only a matter of time before our Food Tour would stop here!


Everything about the corner café is charming. Our bubbly waitress with her German accent, the presentation of each dish, the décor inside and out. We made the comment that we felt as if we had left Newport, KY and been transported to a European city scene… It’s that authentic.

From our lovely waitress we found out that the café is owned by her parents, who moved here from Germany five years ago. Her mom works in the kitchen and makes all the food fresh. Her sister, who has lived here for 10 years now, holds down the fort behind the counter. And our waitress, the most recent to make the voyage across the pond, has only been living in Newport for 5 1/2 months. She loves everything about the city, especially taking her dog for walks against the backdrop of the Cincinnati skyline.

Randi ordered the daily lunch special–meatballs in cream sauce with cabbage and potatoes. Natalie ordered the Nudeln Mit Fleischsosse, which is a baked rigatoni pasta dish layered with meat sauce and béchamel sauce; I ordered the Nudeln Mit Gemuse, which is similar except it has mixed veggies instead of the meat sauce. All of our entrees came with side salads which were served first with a delicious creamy dressing.


All three meals were hearty (we all got boxes, taking half of our food to go) and scrumptious. You could taste every fresh ingredient and appreciate Elena’s effort in making all the sauces from scratch. The presentation was delicate and as appetizing as the savory smell that rose from it.

Five stars for food, service and atmosphere; and while they do serve select beers, cocktails aren’t on the menu. I would, however, highly recommend Katharina’s if you are meeting a client over coffee.

On their website, they claim Katharina’s to be characterized by German Gemuedlichkeit, or “German coziness”— a time that inspires a cheerful mood and peace of mind. I don’t think I could conjure up an eloquent adjective that would be more on-point in describing the café than that. It was apparent that they have several regulars, and they know not only these guests’ names, but their dogs’ names too (did I mention the water bowl and dog treats outside their front door?). This is a place that makes you feel like part of a family.


I know I’ll be back–but next time I’m saving room for a slice of German chocolate cake!




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