Tom & Chee, Anyone?

Amara here for The Eisen Agency, back again for the Greater Cincinnati Restaurant and Food Tour! This week we took on a Cincinnati favorite – Tom & Chee.

IMG_20140627_123931_448What is Tom & Chee, you might ask? Exactly what it sounds like. Grilled cheese and tomato soup! Except at Tom & Chee it doesn’t stop there. If you’re ever wondering what it takes for a restaurant to get on Man vs. Food Nation and Amazing Eats, look no further. It takes pushing the envelope beyond the classic, not only to using grill cheese as croutons on a salad, but to a whole new level. Brimming with charisma and family fun, Tom & Chee takes grilled cheese to the point of the “Mint Summers Night” which involves chocolate mint candy, chocolate mascarpone, strawberries, mozzeralla, and a doughnut.


While we love the peppy, eclectic atmosphere Tom & Chee provides, it wouldn’t make the cut for a good location for a business meeting. However, it is a must-see for any out of town prospective hire you want to convince to LOVE Cincinnati. I mean, what could be better than making a new city feel like home than a nice grilled cheese and tomato soup? Maybe showing off the city’s fun side with a grilled cheese doughnut!

Tom & Chee, while Cincinnati native has been going viral, spreading it’s cheesy fingers throughout the United States. With 3 locations in Cincinnati, there are now 13 locations with 3 more “coming soon.”

Check back next week when Brandie and I take on Senate for some top-of-the-line 4th of July hotdogs!


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