Annnnnnd… WE’RE BACK! 2014 Greater Cincinnati Food Tour

Hey world! It’s Brandie at The Eisen Agency. I’m excited to announce that we resumed our Greater Cincinnati Restaurant and Food Tour last Friday with a staff lunch at Rock Bottom on Fountain Square.

Contrary to what ideas your brain might conjure up when you hear “Rock Bottom” (“She finally hit rock bottom when she brought home her 17th cat” … “I’m wearing Crocs in public; this must be rock bottom”), the restaurant and brewery is actually the opposite of a cat-obsessed, Crocs-in-public wearing patron.

The menu items are so attractive, I believe KISS was actually singing about the Avocado Chicken Sandwich I ordered in their song also titled Rock Bottom,

“Sometimes late at night

I want to hold you tight.”


Too much? Nah, it was that tasty.

Rock Bottom is, sadly, not native nor entirely unique to the Queen City… the restaurant first opened in downtown Denver. That being said, 20 years later there are still only a handful of them sprinkled around the country in notably hip cities such as Long Beach, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, and of course (and lucky for us) our very own Cincinnati.

With the option to sit inside or outside, a menu that ranges from pizza to steak with an abundance of appetizers and craft beer choices to complement your entrée (not to mention the exposed brewing laboratory–very cool touch), Rock Bottom on Fountain Square fosters the kind of environment where sophisticated and easy-going can mingle and be friends. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a new downtown spot to take a client for lunch. I recommend trying the mac & cheese as your side… as their website boasts, it’s one of the most Rock Bottemest items on the menu.

Check back each Friday as my lovely co-account assistant Amara and I seek out all the best places to eat around Greater Cincinnati. We’ll be reviewing the restaurants for several categories, including good place to take a client for lunch, good place to take a client for cocktails, general atmosphere, food quality, service and others. It’s going to be delicious.





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