RE/MAX Broker Using Drones to Strike Homebuyers


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RE/MAX Broker Uses ‘Drone’ Tech to Help Buyers and Sellers Connect

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A hobby and new way to show houses. “Drones have been used for military reasons for 20 to 30 years, but in the last five years costs are coming down,” said Derek Tye, president of The Tye Group, adding it has increased their popularity. In the last two years, the real estate industry has started to use drones. The practice is most popular in California.

After hearing about drones being used for home tours out west, Tye bought a remote control helicopter, attached a GoPro camera to it and started making videos from the sky of properties he was selling. The helicopter tours are a way to show more of the property than a regular tour, Tye said as he flew the drone over a house for sale on Deerfield Road in Montgomery.

Tye cuts the footage into videos that he narrates and uploads to and The Tye Group’s YouTube channel. While in California drone tours are used mostly for cliff-side homes to get a view from all sides, Tye has used his helicopter to show potential buyers the whole neighborhood or large properties.

“It’s also useful for land with many acres that is wooded or that has steep ravines that are not walkable or drivable,” The Tye Group office manager Claudia Hrinda said in an email, adding it was an easier way to show all of a multiple-acre horse farm that is being sold in Okeana. The Federal Aviation Administration restricted drones from being used for commercial purposes until 2012, when a federal law was enacted to allow for more uses.

Restrictions on someone flying a model aircraft, such as Tye, are rather simple. The model aircraft is not allowed to go more than 400 feet in the air and should not be flown around noise-sensitive areas, such as schools and hospitals, according to the FAA. A model aircraft can range in price from $300 to $1,000. Restrictions on larger drones, which can have the same wing span as a Boeing 747 and can fly up to 50,000 feet, are stricter.

Tye said he has started to get requests from sellers for him to make a video for their property. Tye said he was contacted by students in the Anderson High School Theatre Department, who saw his videos on YouTube. Tye made a video representing a mouse being carried across a field by a bird for their production of “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.” Tye said he enjoys being a part of the emergence of drones in commercial industries and discovering their many uses.

“I’m excited about the technology and it is fun to try something new in the industry,” he said.

Credit:   By Marika Lee, Cincinnati Enquirer

Note:     Tye Available for Interview/Demo


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