2014 Greater Cincinnati Food Tour– Packhouse Meats in Newport, Kentucky

Packhouse Meats

Newport, Kentucky

By Alix Smyth

Today, it is not so cloudy with a definite chance of meatballs. On this beautiful Wednesday afternoon the Eisen team decided to take a walk down to the new Packhouse Meats restaurant. The restaurant is small, but open with high ceilings. On one wall brick is painted with the Packhouse Meats logo while on the opposite wall is a chalk board where many customers have left their mark, literally.

Eisen was here

The atmosphere is eclectic; however, industrial design elements definitely clash with rustic décor. Interesting interior design choices paired with a pungent cleaning smell, and a complicated menu left my senses feeling overwhelmed. The menu at Packhouse is an animal of its own; so if you have a hard time ordering at restaurants, I would suggest taking a look at the menu before heading into the restaurant. I  take at least ten minutes to order where ever I go, so it was awesome that the waitress was so helpful in explaining how the menu works.


Packhouse Meats is an innovative restaurant which serves a variety of meatballs in several different ways such as: over pasta, on a slider, in a salad, or on their own. When ordering at Packhouse Meats you check off what you want on the actual menu, leaving minimal interaction time with the server. In a nut shell, you first select the type of meatball you want, you then choose a sauce you would like on the meatball, and finally you select if you would like your meatball alone, in pasta, on a slider, or in a salad.packhousemenu

I decided to go with the Mista salad which was a combination of mixed greens, roasted tomatoes, blue cheese, pancetta, and walnuts topped with an Italian seasoned chicken meatball and drizzled with a honey vinaigrette dressing. The chicken meatball was seasoned perfectly; however, the salad left an overtly salty taste in my mouth leaving much to be desired.salad above

The ingredients for all of the dishes were obviously fresh, but I believe there is a strategy to ordering a good meal at Packhouse. With that being said, it is clear that the restaurant assumes that people dinning in will have knowledge of flavor pairings, which for many people is not the case. All in all, I would not recommend Packhouse Meats if you tend to play it safe when ordering at restaurants; however, if you are comfortable with flavor pairings you will be rewarded with a delicious, carefully crafted meal.


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