Munch with Eisen

At Keystone Bar and Grill 

By Alix Smyth

Two staples of my childhood come together at Keystone: Mac and Cheese and good music. It’s hard to imagine that Keystone could serve mediocre food with these two glorious things melting together. Unfortunately, my taste buds were served disappointment when I ordered the Chicken Pesto sandwich.


Luckily, Randi, our VP here at Eisen was generous enough to let me try her B.B. King Mac and Cheese dish. As I munched on the BBQ, chicken, and bacon Mac and Cheese (yes I said bacon) I instantly regretted ordering my bland chicken sandwich. The B.B. King Mac and Cheese is tangy, smooth, and laden with complimentary textures of bacon, melted cheese, and noodles all nestled in a personalized cast iron skillet. Perfect comfort food that could cure even B.B. King’s blues.


Yes, I made a rookie mistake by not ordering one of Keystone’s creatively named Mac and cheese dishes, but next time I plan for my taste buds to be rocking out to the Fleetwood Mac, Mac and Cheese.

Overall Restaurant Ratings

Food: 7

Atmosphere: 7

Service: 7




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