Top 10 News Stories in Greater Cincinnati in 2013


Top 10 Greater Cincinnati News Stories in 2013

by The Eisen Agency staff

It has been an incredible year of stories that came into our homes and businesses through the myriad of Cincinnati mainstream and niche media. Add to that the buzz created by these stories, and you have our take on the Top 10 News Stories in Greater Cincinnati for 2013. Whether developed organically or part of a carefully orchestrated media relations and PR campaign, these were the stories that got everyone talking, buzzing, inspired and energized over the course of 2013. Ongoing, sensational coverage, and likely some fantastic legwork by reporters and PR executives credit why these stories gained such traction and are, in our opinion, the Top 10 Greater Cincinnati news stories for 2013.

10. New Chamber Presidents

Not one, but two new presidents of the local Cincinnati and NKY Chambers. Appears to be taking the region in a different or at least new direction, and the news coverage of the loss, finding and placement of new leadership has been robust.

9. Opening of Horseshoe Casino

Incredible amounts of anticipation, crisis coverage with the Messer Construction issue (and does anyone remember the bus driver) and positive buzz and feedback from a number of constituents keeps this ongoing story front and center.

8. Graydon Head Wins $100M Lawsuit

When a local law firm scores a victory that is one of the largest ever in the history of the state against another equally large business (Grant Thornton) this was like a big heavyweight fight on HBO that played out on our local media stage.

7. The CVG Board

So much drama, so little space to share all the stories. From yelling and arguing, to a failed coup attempt, this story is more like a bad Wall Street movie than real life. The fighting and making up over KY and OH is worth all the ink on the press.

6. Pure Romance Moving

Never have adult novelties and marital aides been courted so much as this group seeking to find a place to pitch their tent. It had sex, intrigue, politics and religion in one ongoing business drama.

5. Matt Daniels/Kenwood Towne Place

When the proverbial poop hit the fan about this several years ago, you just knew this was going to end up in a criminal case. The sheer amount of money and the spin doctoring in this story have made it a better soap opera than General Hospital.

4. NKY Hates Heroin

I don’t many folks that like it, but apparently too many in NKY do. The coverage of the issue kept something from getting swept under the rug and expose a real problem that I doubt most people had any idea there was an issue here.

3. The Mayoral Race

Not so much because of those in the race, but because of the issues surrounding them and the directions they each sought to take the city, this story continued to get bigger and have more and more irons in the media fire than in recent mayoral race memory.

2. The Brent Spence Bridge

State coverage, national coverage, local coverage and everyone seems to agree there is a problem yet no one seems to have a viable solution to fixing the hazard that is the Brent Spence. The local coverage was detailed and fair, and seemed to create a consensus of opinion on a pretty black and white issue.

1. The Streetcar Debate

What else could possibly be #1 than the Streetcar. Love it, hate it, you certainly know what it is, and everyone has an opinion. Somehow, people moving became political and polarized and galvanized the city. Not sure a single day went by when there wasn’t something about the Streetcar in the local media.

Which stories did we miss and should have been included in the Top 10, and which are ranked too high or too low.

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