The Eisen Agency Weekend Cincinnati News Alert


Media Alert: The Eisen Agency Weekend Edition Story Ideas, Topics & Resources

July 26, 2013

Media Contact:                 Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency



1.            Home & Garden: Roto-Rooter U.S. Bathroom Usage Study Completed

                Ever wonder what goes on in other bathrooms across the country? Roto-Rooter did, and results from their comprehensive study on bathroom habits among married couples are now in. Broken down by length of time married, gender and even region, this study gives a “revealing” look at the bathroom habits of Americans.

2.            Events: Sheriff Jim Neil to Address, Be Honored During Rotary Luncheon

                Thursday, August 1 at the Netherlands Hall of Mirrors, Sheriff Jim Neil will speak and be honored by the Cincinnati Rotary Club.

3.            Business: How Jancoa is Helping to Make Cincinnati Businesses More Attractive

                It may not be something you always think of, but the appearance of an office is critical to the happiness, productivity, attraction and retention of employees. Learn how Cincinnati’s top women owned Janitorial Service not only helps folks find a job and start a career, but also helps Cincinnati businesses put their best face forward.

4.            Business: Two Local Business Named Among America’s Top Franchises

                Cincinnati Based Caring Transitions, and Fresh Coat Painters have been named in the August issue of Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 100 Franchise Opportunities in the nation. Learn more about these local businesses and leaders making their mark throughout the country.

5.            Cincinnati Based Fresh Coat Painters, RE/MAX Find Top Colors for Home Resale

                According to results from Fresh Coat Painters and Leading Realtor RE/MAX if you want to sell your house for top dollar, you want it to be this color on the outside and that color on the inside. But, no color of paint tops brick exterior right now when it comes to selling the house. Learn the colors you want, those you don’t, and tips to fix it up.


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