Curious About Your Neighbors’ Bathroom Behavior?

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Media Contact:Randi Kenney

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Roto-Rooter Commissions Nationwide Bathroom Habits Study

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Leader Wants to Know Americans’ Bathroom Behavior

Cincinnati, OH – June 24, 2013 – Ever wonder what your neighbors do in their bathroom, or how many guys really can’t seem to put the seat down? Well, so did plumbing and drain cleaning giant Roto-Rooter, and they have commissioned a nationwide survey to get all the details, including which bathroom habits most annoy spouses and partners. Results of the survey are expected in July.

The survey aims to find out, among many other things, the different bathroom habits, behaviors and pet peeves based on marital status and length of time married. The survey will also be contrasted with a similar Roto-Rooter study among newlyweds in 2005 to see how attitudes and behaviors may have changed in the last eight years.

The official survey has been provided to a select group of “average” general population Americans and is being conducted by marketing firm The Eisen Agency. Roto-Rooter is also posting a similar “unscientific” survey on its Facebook page at allowing anyone to take the survey and see how their bathroom behaviors stack up.

The survey can also be accessed here:


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