Cincinnati Post Production House Earns Top Honors for Creativity

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Cincinnati Post Production House Earns Top Honors for Creativity

Red Echo Post Motion Graphics Designer Brings Home Platinum Pixie


November 20, 2012 – Cincinnati, OH –Theresa Bruce, motion graphics designer and editor at Cincinnati based post production studio Red Echo Post, earned Platinum 2013 Pixie Award from The American Pixel Academy for her work on the Opening Title Effects for the documentary, “Charlie Louvin: Still Rattlin’ the Devil’s Cage.”


In evaluating the work, the judges commented that the piece was “outstanding” and “some of the best work in the competition.” The documentary is based on the life and times of Charlie Louvin, an American country music singer and songwriter and was produced by Devil’s Cage Productions.


“Creating new and innovative ways to produce opening title effects that complement the style of the overall production is just one way we enhance the vision of the work,” Red Echo Post president Craig Tyree stated. “This award is yet another avenue that showcases Theresa’s inventive and inspired talents we put forth to benefit our valued clientele; and we are proud to have her as a part of our team.”


The American Pixel Academy announced the winners of the fourth annual Pixie Awards for outstanding creativity in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation with Gold and Platinum winners in ten categories.


About Red Echo Post


Red Echo Post is a sophisticated editorial, visual effects and sound design company specializing in work for the commercial and film community. Founded in 2001 by owner Craig Tyree, Red Echo Post was designed to find a better way to accomplish a variety of post-production goals with significantly greater efficiencies. By bringing together editorial, CGI, animation, 2D motion graphics, color grading and sound design earlier into the process, greater creativity and productivity have been realized.  Their work has been seen on commercials for Olay, Tide, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Kentucky Lottery, Long John Silver’s, and Ethicon Endo-Surgery. For more information on Red Echo Post, go to





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