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Speaking Easy with Eisen
A Cincinnati PR firm was looking for a way to better facilitate connections between Cincinnati professionals. Keep reading to see how they are heating up business over cold ones.



Given the agency’s location and owner and president Rodger Roeser’s love of craft beers, it’s no surprise that the Newport-based Eisen Agency decided on creating a series of recurring speakeasy events as a way to casually network with local professionals.


“The building we are in was actually part of the 1920s ‘gangster and sin city culture,’ and it’s interesting to share some of that nostalgia,” Roeser says. “So, knowing that I personally have an affinity to crafting my own signature beers, it seemed like a fun concept to share our love for fine, handcrafted beers and building connections among a group of professionals who can speak casually and network, have some fun and meet some fellow business leaders and area movers and shakers.”


The events also tie back into one of the PR agency’s core mantras, says Roeser. “Our firm is about hard work and celebrating that hard work with friends and colleagues,” he says.


To do so, the company will host speakeasy events at its offices at 4 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month, each with a different featured drink on tap. The first event, which will be on June 13, will also welcome members of the Newport Gangsters, who will add historical context of the firm’s building.


This first event will use summer as its muse, and the drink chosen for the even reflects that well, says Roeser. “We’ll be tapping our Eisen Starry Night summer ale, which is just an awesome, crisp and flavorful summer ale to kick off the summer,” he says. “Each event will be detailed on our website at www.EisenSpeakEasy.com, and we’ll be sharing tasting notes, pairings and a host of other fun networking opportunities.”


These speakeasies all come back to the vision that businesspeople in the area should be able to get together and talk congenially, with delicious beers in hand, says Roeser.


“We want to create an environment/concept that truly fosters the opportunity for business professionals and leaders to literally ‘speak easy’ about themselves, their businesses, their needs,” he says. “No pressure, no speakers, just an opportunity to meet other great people and enjoy a wonderfully handcrafted beer.”


Fortunately for The Eisen Agency, the events create a win-win situation for both participants and the PR firm. “It gives Eisen an opportunity to show off our package design skills, our event skills, our promotional prowess and even business development efforts, but do so in much more engaging fashion,” says Roeser.


Arguably, the best part of the speakeasy events is that they’re free. (Although the speakeasies are invitation-only, and guests need a password to get through the door, says Roeser.) Businesspeople only need to bring three things to engage with Eisen and the other guests and have a good time. “Bring a thirst, some business cards and a tale,” he says.




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