Leading Ohio Managed Care Organization Prepares Employers for Open Enrollment

Sheakley UniComp shares six questions to ask MCOs during review period

Sheakley UniComp announces the beginning of open enrollment, an opportunity for companies to review, assess and change their managed care organization (MCO).  Every Ohio employer has an MCO which handles the medical portion of workers’ compensation claims. Open enrollment is a small window of opportunity for companies, occurring for a one-month period only every other year. Open enrollment for 2012 begins April 30 and continues through May 25.


Ohio businesses will have the opportunity to switch to an MCO that can save them money on workers’ compensation premiums and offer overall better customer service. Companies can research and review the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation report cards and customer reviews before making the decision to switch providers.


“There are several facts employers need to know about a Managed Care Organization when considering a switch during open enrollment.  Most importantly, an MCO should offer creative, cost-effective solutions and the right services for that particular business’ needs,” Sheakley UniComp’s, senior vice president Shari Herper said.

  • How can they help your business save money on workers’ compensation premiums?
  • How quickly can they get an injured worker back to work?
  • What strategies do they use to help facilitate return to work for injured employees?
  • Do they have medical providers located in the area of your business?
  • Do they offer an accessible on-line system?
  • Do they have a list of references?

Ohio companies considering changing MCOs this year can read a helpful guide by visiting: http://www.ohiobwc.com/downloads/brochureware/brochures/MCOGuide.pdf.


About Sheakley UniComp, Inc.

Sheakley UniComp, Inc., an affiliate of Sheakley, is one of the largest MCOs in the state of Ohio. Sheakley is dedicated to providing quality, cost effective medical care which will facilitate a safe and timely return to work.  The program promotes proper and continuous communication between the injured worker, the employer, the provider, and the Ohio BWC making the medical management of Workers’ Compensation claims easier for all parties involved.

About Sheakley

Sheakley specializes in the fields of 401(k) services, flexible benefits plans, workers’ compensation, payroll, HR outsourcing solutions, physician billing, vocational rehab, unemployment cost control, merchandise, and safety services and products for small to mid-size employers. Recognized as a leader in its industry, Sheakley gets the job done for its clients by providing essential business solutions that save customers time and money. Sheakley’s unique relationship with its clients provides personalized customer service and focuses on results. View the Sheakley website at http://www.sheakley.com.


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