Cincinnati Workplace Expert Launches New Client Program

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Kelly Gadd



Ember Carriers puts fire in the bellies of local business leaders with FUEL


January 31, 2012 CINCINNATI, OHIO— Cincinnati workplace expert Mary Hladio founded Ember Carriers in 2008 to guide midsize businesses through organizational performance, leadership development and team effectiveness issues. With the launch of the new FUEL process, Hladio is challenging Cincinnati business leaders to reignite the fire in the bellies of their organizations.

“Ember Carriers has always been in the business of providing truly customized approaches to improve workplace issues.  FUEL helps our clients resolve all of their performance and development challenges through an ongoing process that guides and motivates staff to build more effective, profitable businesses,” said Hladio.

The FUEL process includes four stages: Find, utilize, engage and lead. Beginning with a detailed look into areas needing improvement, Ember Carriers develops strategies for business leaders to engage staff in creating a more satisfying work experience and sustainable growth.

“We are asking business leaders a simple question, ‘is your work keeping you up at night or waking you up in the morning?’  In other words we think in many cases business owners and c-suite executives have lost sight of the idea that not only is it possible for work to be a satisfying, rewarding experience but, that it is crucial to the success of an organization.” Hladio added.

Test your company’s leadership by taking a short, no-cost evaluation at  Ten questions will reveal a lot about the fire in your belly.



About Ember Carriers

Founded in 2008, Ember Carriers Inc. is an organizational performance consultant in Cincinnati, OH. Ember Carriers wants our clients to not only be more profitable and productive but, to enjoy more rewarding work experiences throughout their career. We want to reignite the fire in you and your organization so business leaders can inspire, lead and ultimately pass the torch to the next generation of ember carriers with an even bigger, brighter flame.  Our philosophy is happy bosses + happy employees = success.  Visit for more information.


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