Ready to Enter into the New Year? Let The Eisen Agency Help

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Cincinnati’s Premier PR Firm Offers Free Communication and Competitive Audits Through End of Year

The Eisen Agency Set to Help Business, Marketing Leaders Kick Off 2012 On Right Foot


Cincinnati, OH – November 29, 2011 – Like a professional sports team, you need to watch tape – on yourself and your competition. Understanding is strength. So, in an effort to assist businesses and organizations throughout the TriState transition into 2012 with a competitive advantage, Cincinnati’s premier public relations firm, The Eisen Agency, is offering a no cost, comprehensive competitive and communications audit through the end of the year.


Anyone interested in the free audit may simply contact the firm by calling 859.291.4302 or emailing


The Eisen Agency will work with businesses to review all current communications, such as collateral, advertising, sales and marketing, and public relations activities that they have with their audiences and offer an objective review. Similarly, the firm will conduct a competitive audit to see how the organization measures up. Both reviews and audits can be used for benchmarking and as part of foundational strategic planning for 2012.


Roeser’s firm recently published a “Marketing Tune Up” guide to assist businesses and organizations in their planning, which can be accessed by “likeing” the firm on Facebook keyword The Eisen Agency. “Strategic planning is the key to success, and by objectively understanding yourself and keeping an eye on the competition and the marketplace, you put yourself in a better position to win,” Eisen president Rodger Roeser explained. “Once you have a good foundation for a program, only then can you begin building the house, the tactical execution, for it to stand on.”


Roeser’s firm recently was the only Cincinnati public relations firm to earn a Platinum MarCom Award in 2011, the award being for Best Marketing Plan. The Eisen Agency proudly gives back and provides products and services free of charge to a number of businesses and organizations throughout the TriState in an effort to help the local business community be more successful.


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