How Are Sports and Marketing Alike?

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I often liken running my public relations firm to running an NFL football team in that I know I can utilize my account executives’ unique abilities to help our clients achieve the best results. For example, one of our account executives is highly adept at utilizing social media and is currently in charge of updating and monitoring a Twitter page dedicated to one of our client’s holiday pitches to the media (rather than consumers). Others are skilled project managers and others write particularly thoughtful bylines.

I also find sports and marketing to be alike in that both require desire, some natural talent and an ability to stand out from your competition by studying the game. As it relates to public relations, without thorough knowledge of our client’s industry, the buying process for their clients and customers and current events we can tie their expertise to, we’ll be running the wrong plays every time.

Finally, sports and marketing are alike in that we win awards and we win our clients awards. Because whether you’re a PR all-star or a gridiron warrior, everyone likes to bring home a trophy.

Rodger Roeser, APR, president and founder of the fully-integrated public relations and investor relations firm The Eisen Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. More information on Twitter @EisenHotNews, LinkedIn YouTube channel The Eisen Agency and Facebook keyword “The Eisen Agency.” A short video about the agency is available here.


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