Cincinnati’s Leading PR Firm Launches New Program for Small Business Owners

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Cincinnati’s Leading PR Firm Launches New Program for Small Business Owners
The Eisen Agency Offers an Affordable Opportunity for Small Businesses to Invest in Their Image

Cincinnati, OH – August 16, 2011 – Small business success is not magic.

It takes hard work, vision and leadership. Yet, all that hard work may be for nothing because so many small businesses lack even the basics when it comes to projecting a professional image that will attract clients, customers and even employees. Cincinnati’s top public relations firm, The Eisen Agency, has developed a program specifically designed to give small businesses an advantage when it comes to their marketing and communications efforts – ‘Image’ by Eisen.

Image is led by Eisen’s Sabrina Koester, available online at

Typically, small business owners believe that they can’t afford professionals when it comes to the design of their marketing materials. They are used to doing everything themselves, and doing it on a shoestring. But chances are, failing to invest in professional, quality design for their company is actually costing them more money in the long run. Developed by small business owners for small business owners, ‘Image’ offers small businesses the opportunity to make a smart, affordable investment in their marketing basics including a professional logo, business cards, collateral and even a website.

“Failure is a choice, yet 85 percent of most small businesses fail within a year. Quality design is one of the most important elements of business development,” Koester says. “In addition to presenting your name and your business to potential customers and clients, your brand image conveys who and what you are all about. We understand business may be tight but you have to put your best foot forward when making that all important first impression.”

With ‘Image’ by Eisen, Koester and her team plan to help fellow small business owners understand the importance of investing in their own brand and recognize the benefits of professionally designed marketing materials. With the opportunity to afford quality materials that look professional and project the right image, small business owners can proudly pass out their business cards, direct traffic to their website and better focus their time and efforts on core competencies.

“You don’t go to a professional business meeting in a suit top and boxer shorts, yet that is exactly the type of image you project with a poorly designed business card, dated and amateurish website and ugly collateral,” The Eisen Agency president Rodger Roeser added. “Your business is your baby. It must be nurtured, protected. It should look its best, and that will go a long way in future growth. It is our goal that every small business that goes through our program will celebrate many birthdays and grow up to be a big boy.”


About The Eisen Agency
The Eisen Agency is Greater Cincinnati’s largest investor and public relations firm, providing fully integrated marketing communications, national and local publicity, and business development services for its B2B, B2C, non-profit, and government clients. Privately owned and led by 2010 Cincinnati PRSA Public Relations Professional of the Year Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency is one of the most award winning professional services firms in Cincinnati. For more information visit


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