Congratulations, You’re the Person in Charge of Booking Speakers

What can you get for $0 these days? How about the gift of time, attaboys, and…sanity.

Congratulations! You are the person in charge of booking programs and getting speakers for your group. Assuming you have a “normal” job, trust us, this is about to be your second full time job. It takes time to find speakers, coordinate schedules, select topics, go back and forth for pictures and bios – what is a programming chair to do?
Answer? The Eisen Agency.

Our firm has the most comprehensive data base of professionals that could be just right as a speaker or keynote for your next business or industry event. The Eisen Agency Speaker’s Bureau features top professional leaders, movers and shakers in a number of industries and professions with various backgrounds – all with a great story to share and a strong, motivating delivery. If you’re looking for a memorable speaker, and one that will share great insight and knowledge to your group, The Eisen Agency has the perfect selection.

One call, and we’ll take care of everything – logistics, coordination, forms – providing you with necessary materials to select the right speaker. We’ll make certain your volunteer job doesn’t take over your life, while at the same time, making you look like a hero: “Wow, that speaker was great!”. So, no matter what type of speaker you seek, give us a call and we can help. Oh, and how much does this cost you?



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