Roto-Rooter Rescues Trapped Dayton Area Kitten

Media Alert:
Roto-Rooter Plumbers Rescue Kitten from Well Shaft
Springfield pet had been trapped underground for 7 days

CONTACT: Kelly Gadd or Rodger Roeser

Ron Degner at Roto-Rooter of Dayton
2549 Stanley Avenue
Dayton, OH 45404

Facebook @ RotoRooterDayton

Springfield, OH – June 10, 2011 – A pair of Roto-Rooter plumbers rescued a 1-month-old calico kitten from deep inside an abandoned Springfield well or cistern shaft after a harrowing weeklong ordeal for the kitten which had no food or water.

Mark Allen and Shannon Doerner, service technicians for Roto-Rooter of Dayton, responded to an emergency call from a residence at 717 Grant Street in Springfield, Ohio (Tel. 937-324-0854). The homeowner and owner of the kitten, Angela Neal, told the plumbers that she could hear the cat’s cries and thought he was in a drainpipe inside the house but she was unable to pinpoint its location. Upon closer inspection of the property, the plumbers discovered an abandoned 8-inch diameter cistern or well shaft beneath the front porch. They lowered a fiber optic sewer inspection video camera into the hole and discovered the kitten at the bottom of the 8-foot shaft.

Since the shaft was so narrow, the plumbers had few options for a rescue. Eventually, they devised a special rescue basket to which they screwed an open can of cat food and lowered it down the shaft. After repeated attempts, they finally lured the kitten into the basket and raised it to safety. The rescue operation lasted about two hours Wednesday night.

The frantic homeowner had called various agencies and at least one exterminator in the days before she called Roto-Rooter but she was unable to get help for the animal. This morning, the kitten is safe and recovering from its ordeal. Roto-Rooter completed the rescue free of charge.

VIDEO: Roto-Rooter has outstanding pipe camera footage of the kitten rescue from inside the pipe. The video would make for a compelling news story.

About Roto-Rooter
Established in 1935, Roto-Rooter is the largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services in the U.S. and Canada with 116 company-owned locations and more than 500 independent franchises providing 24-hour emergency services 7-days a week, 365 days a year.


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