Cincy Chic Announces Earnings for 2011 Night in White

Cincinnati, OH — June 2, 2011– Cincy Chic teamed with Krombholz Jewelers to host the second annual Night in White event benefiting Eight Days & One Hour Foundation on Friday, April 29, 2011. This second annual fundraiser raised $4,048 for the Steven Jason Morsch Nursing Scholarship.

“Our family was certainly pleased with the financial results of the event for the Eight Days & One Hour Foundation and funding of the Stephen Jason Morsch Nursing scholarship. However, we were truly gratified that so many people from all walks of life gave of their most precious possession – Time,” said Steven Smith, founder of the philanthropy and scholarship. “As we discovered in the brief life of our grandson Stephen, we can’t take time for granted. Every second that God gives us must be valued and invested well.”

Revenue generators at the event included: a silent auction, raffles, gem drawings, proceeds from beverage sales, and ticket sales. The $4,048 raised will be rewarded to The Eight Days & One Hour Foundation’s Stephen Jason Morsch Nursing Scholarship. The foundation and scholarship were both created by a local family after losing their grandson after only eight days and one hour of life. The family wanted to give back to all the nurses who helped them during this difficult time, so they created the Stephen J. Morsch Nursing Scholarship.

At Krombholz Jewelers, models showcased the latest trends in clothing and jewelry. Guests, in white cocktail attire, enjoyed specialty cocktails and music from the Snidely Brothers. Sponsors included: Cincinnati Lexus Dealer Association, Krombholz Jewelers, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Stone Creek Dining Company, Center for Esthetic Dentistry, Black and White Exchange


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