Smith & Schaefer Named Authorized Dealer of LIVENGOOD Medical Mobility Solution for Mobile Patient Care Environments

New Platform Provides Solution for Patients to Walk in Intensive Care Unit

Cincinnati, OH — May 23, 2011 — Smith & Schaefer, a regional dealer manufacturer representative, was named as an authorized dealer for the LIVENGOOD Ambulation Platform. LIVENGOOD Medical, the leader in Mobile Patient Care Environments, announced the addition of an Ambulation Platform specifically designed for the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital. The LIVENGOOD ICU Ambulation Mobile Patient Care Environment (MPCE) is the only platform on the market that consolidates all needed medical equipment on one mobile unit and is approved for use by the patient according to the UL60601 standard for the Patient Vicinity.

Smith & Schaefer is one of eight United States authorized dealers for the LIVENGOOD Ambulation Platform.

“We pride ourselves on providing innovative mobile environments that improve patient outcomes and enable the highest quality patient care,” said Joseph Livengood, MD, FACS, a trauma surgeon and CEO of LIVENGOOD Medical. “There’s a clear connection between mobility and the prevention of complications that can impact a patient’s recovery. Our ICU Ambulation platform organizes the patient care equipment into one mobile area and provides for ambulation that is easy, safe, practical, and requires minimal staff assistance.”

The LIVENGOOD ICU Ambulation MPCE provides significant benefits to the hospital and patient, including:
• Organized consolidation of equipment – Combines equipment traditionally located on booms, IV poles, carts, the bed and the floor.
– Reduces risk of premature removal of devices (PROD)
• ICU ambulation that is easy, safe and practical – Requires minimal staff assistance, only 1 to 2 staff needed, versus the typical 4 to 5
– Patient uses the MPCE for support and mobility
– Wheelchair attaches to Platform and is immediately available and secure for sitting
– Only 1 nurse is needed to assist the patient back into the room with the MPCE-wheelchair unit
• Simplifies transport – All equipment is located on one structure
– Equipment remains on Platform at all times and moves with the patient, wherever they go
• Unmatched safety for the Patient Vicinity in accordance with the UL60601 standard.

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About Smith & Schaefer
Smith & Schaefer is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with a satellite office in Cleveland and regional service areas include Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, and now, West Virginia with resident sales personnel in Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Toledo and Marietta. The organization was founded in 1950 as a regional dealer and manufacturer representative for many nationally known companies specializing in furnishings, equipment, and design, for laboratory research, healthcare, governmental and educational environments. For more information, visit

About Livengood Medical

The revolutionary concept of Mobile Patient Care Environments drives LIVENGOOD to deliver solutions that empower patients and enrich patient-centric care. These environments enable patients to be proactive in their recovery by facilitating greater independence and mobility. Treating the patient environment as a mobile entity allows hospitals to provide uninterrupted care everywhere, including during transport, in the management of surge capacity/overflow and in disaster relief. Hospitals can fully integrate Acuity-Adaptable Design in layout and operations thereby increasing room utilization and staffing efficiency. With LIVENGOOD, hospitals are able to use Mobile Patient Care Environments to stretch their capital budgets, enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes. For more information, visit


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