Social Media Network Gives Back to Nonprofit Organizations Uses Site to Gather Donations and Provide Benefits to a Cause

Cincinnati, OH—March 31, 2011 – Recently launched social media network gives individuals and organizations opportunities to not only make donations to their cause of choice, but also help promote the needs of nonprofit organizations across the world. CurePals is currently seeking nonprofit executive directors who wish to create an additional revenue stream to their nonprofit organization.

In addition to providing health challenged children an opportunity to connect with others, also gives users the opportunity to donate to a cause. While has a free Gold Membership option, individuals have the option to purchase a Platinum Membership, and in return CurePals will donate 10 percent of their paid membership quarterly to the user’s cause of choice.

Daniel Hand, president and founder of CurePals called the nonprofit opportunity “a simple way everyone can get involved.”

The selected featured nonprofit organizations will have the opportunity to feature their logo and upload three videos to promote the needs of their cause, while receiving donations directly from through Platinum Members who have selected their cause. All nonprofit organizations that create an account have the ability to upload pictures, keep supporters up to date on current events and stories, and have access to a blog that keeps members updated and informed about their organization.

All nonprofits can also receive donations from the community members.  Users can simply click on the donation button and it will direct them to the organization’s site where they can learn how to donate specifically to a selected cause.

“As continues to grow we are always looking for new ways to help others in need and connect one to another,” Hand said. “The ultimate goal of the site is to give kids, teenagers and adults the opportunity to become more proactive to make a significant difference in the world.”


An online social network for social change launched in 2011 by Lundon Enterprises that anonymously connects children and families who are sharing similar challenges, and provides a voice of hope and shared inspiration for one another. also invites educators, hospitals and nonprofit organizations as well to partner and get their group involved in the support of their community.


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