Brand, Package Testing Firm Publishes White Paper on Effective Package Design

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Brand, Package Testing Firm Publishes White Paper on Effective Package Design

AcuPOLL Research Finds that Packaging is More Important Than Actual Product in Determining Sale

Cincinnati, OH – March 22, 2011 – Top brand packaging research firm AcuPOLL® Research finds that how a product is packaged, from the design to the messaging is more important than the actual product itself for the initial sale.   At this point, the packaging IS the product as far as consumers are concerned.  According to a new white paper published by the leading brand testing firm, packaging should be measured much in the same way interest in products or concepts is measured – through likelihood to purchase.

The complete white paper, Making Sure Your Packaging Sells, is available in a free download at

AcuPOLL president Jack Gordon explains that the primary measure of success for packaging is not appeal, but rather how it creates purchase interest among the targeted consumer. “You may have created the greatest widget in the history of widget making, but if the package does not clearly have both an emotional and rational appeal that creates an intent to buy, the product has little chance of success in gaining trial.”

Gordon attributes much of the failure for new products to the communication of the Insight, benefits, and reasons-to-believe in the final version of the package.  AcuPOLL offers a package testing solution, Packaging Optimizer, used to determine the holistic appeal of a package, and finds if the packaging matches the concept and product purchase likelihood, identifies where it falls short, and provides recommendations to correct the problems before the packaging is finalized.

About AcuPOLL

With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, AcuPOLL Research, Inc., is a global brand building research agency that uses a patented system to provide companies with clear business recommendations based on a thorough analysis of customized data. AcuPOLL provides the fastest, most predictive, and most accurate research methodology. For nearly 20 years, AcuPOLL has quantitatively tested tens of thousands of new product ideas and over a thousand ads, packaging options and promotions, giving it strong comparative databases across marketing issues. AcuPOLL has predicted the success of new products, services, mail order catalog items, retail concepts, advertising, promotions, and business services as well as packaging. AcuPOLL is an internationally recognized company doing business in the United States, Asia, Europe, Mexico, and South America. More information can be accessed at or by calling 1.800.acupoll.


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