NKY Chamber Announces BRINK Innovation Conference

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NKY Chamber Announces BRINK Innovation Conference
Northern Kentucky Takes Lead in Fostering Innovation, Entrepreneurs

Newport, KY — September 16, 2010 – The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce today announces the creation of the First Annual Tri-State Innovation Conference – BRINK – the point at which something is likely to begin. This conference will bring together business and organizational leaders from across the region to create a groundswell of creativity, innovation and excellence.

The event will be held Wednesday, November 17th at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington. To register or to access more information, go to nkychamber.com/brink. The chamber says it expects upwards of 300 attendees for the event, which is open to everyone, particularly business and organizational leaders, who seek to become more innovative in their practices.

BRINK, which has been in the planning stages since early 2010, will bring together a host of innovation experts, business executives, organizational leaders and entrepreneurs from throughout the region. BRINK is chaired by Mackey McNeill, president and CEO of wealth management firm Mackey Advisors.

“We have a long, proud history of innovation, of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit – of introducing new ideas, new products and new services that make positive impacts and positive strides to our collective communities,” McNeill, who founded the chamber’s ‘Success Awards’ said. “The leadership of this region is proud that Greater Cincinnati has been recognized as a hub of innovation. We need look no further than many of the businesses, leaders and inspirational individuals and organizations that make the Tri-State a remarkable place to live, to work and to be extraordinary.”

McNeill add that she believes we will see more change in the next 10 years than the last 100, calling change, “the new normal. Businesses and organizations with either innovate or they will die.”

The event features University of Cincinnati innovation expert Drew Boyd who will kick off the program by “Teaching the Innovation Process.” BRINK will be highlighted by keynote speaker Thomas D. Kuczmarski, founder, senior partner and president of Kuczmarski & Associates – a nationally renown expert on “how to’s and why to’s” in strategic business innovation. There will be 10 breakout sessions available, as well as specific hands on workshops for participants who can actually learn how to be more innovative, and how create the conditions that foster innovation.

“In the immortal words of Thomas Edison, greatness is achieved through 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration – and this event says that we are getting to work and that we are taking the steps necessary to give this economy and this region a jumpstart,” Kuscmarksi said. “Innovation breeds business. Business breeds jobs – and it takes leadership and vision – leadership and vision that each and every one of us possesses. It is our job to foster that innovation, to make it a priority and to help every business or organization that wants to think smarter, work better and drive the future, rather than sit idly by and be acted upon – we choose to act.”’

Tickets for BRINK are available for only $125 per person at http://www.NKYChamber.com/BRINK or by calling the chamber at 859.578.8800.

About Keynote Speaker Thomas D. Kuczmarski

Thomas D. Kuczmarski, founder, senior partner and president of Kuczmarski & Associates, is a nationally recognized expert in the innovation of new products and services. Over the course of his career he has helped hundreds of clients, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations, learn to systematically unlock the value of innovation. The author of five books and many articles, Mr. Kuczmarski has also taught product and service innovation at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management for 30 years. His executive education courses at the Kellogg School attract students from around the world.

Mr. Kuczmarski is founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards, which recognize each year the most innovative new products and services developed in the upper Midwest. The awards, which are endorsed by every major business association in the Chicago region, showcase of the creative spirit of America’s heartland.

Mr. Kuczmarski is the author of five books. Apples are Square: Thinking Differently about Leadership (Kaplan), co-authored with Dr. Susan Smith Kuczmarski and published in 2007, explores the qualities of the ideal leader and how to build those qualities into one’s own career. Innovating the Corporation (NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group) reveals the seven steps for achieving growth through innovation. Managing New Products (Book Ends Publishing), now in its third edition, is endorsed by the American Marketing Association and widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive treatises on the development of new products. Values-Based Leadership: Rebuilding Employee Commitment, Productivity and Performance (Prentice-Hall) was also co-authored with Dr. Susan Smith Kuczmarski. His book Innovation was co-published by NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group and the American Marketing Association.

About Drew Boyd

Drew Boyd is a recognized authority, thought leader, educator, and practitioner in the fields of persuasion, innovation, and social media. He is the Executive Director of the Master of Science in Marketing Program and Assistant Professor of Marketing and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati.

Boyd retired from Johnson & Johnson in 2010 after a seventeen year career in marketing, mergers & acquisitions, and international development. He founded and directed J&J’s acclaimed Marketing Mastery Program, an internal “marketing university” benchmarked by companies such as GE, P&G, Kraft, and Merck. Boyd’s focus was on raising competencies in the areas of strategic marketing, product innovation, and principles of persuasion. Of particular focus was teaching employees how to systematically invent new medical products and integrate the inventions into long-range strategic plans. Boyd is an inventor himself, earning his first patent for a device that makes spine surgery easier.

Before Johnson & Johnson, Boyd spent ten years with United Airlines, gaining managerial and leadership experience in sales, marketing, and strategic planning. Boyd was one of the early pioneers of strategic partnerships between carriers that led to the creation of the Star Alliance.

Boyd served as an officer in the United States Air Force and completed distinguished tours of duty as a crew commander in the Nuclear Missile Force and a war planning officer of the Strategic Air Command. He was top Minuteman III Crew Commander in the “Top Gun” competition in 1980.

Boyd is a former Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute, a member of the Product Development & Management Association, American Marketing Association, National Speakers Association, and an affiliate of the Global Executive Learning Network.

Boyd graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1976 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Science and Operations Research. He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago graduating with High Honors. In 2008, Drew joined an elite group of trainers credentialed as a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT).


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